The tandem for more safety: Fliegl tandem three-way tippers with a total weight of 8 to 20 t bring stability to every transport. The extra-large axle gauge and the low platform height guarantee excellent stability in any terrain. The professional frame with titanium tandem unit ensures optimum ground levelling and is standard from 13 t. The tilt angle of up to 55° and the conical bridge (from a bridge length of more than 4,500 mm) allow any bulk material to slide off perfectly clean. The galvanised hollow beam frame ensures torsional rigidity. For loading, the lateral side panels can be opened; thanks to the rear panel locking system developed by Fliegl, rear loading is also possible. Grain pusher and front sight grille (with silage attachment) are standard.


  • Tandem tipper with hollow section frame proven thousands of times over

  • Tapered bridge, length starting from 4,500 mm

  • Tilt angle (up to 55° possible) for best run-out of any kind of bulk goods

  • Robust: tailgates integrated in the automatic and the hydraulic rear panel allow grain transport even with the silage body

  • Grain slider as standard

  • Front viewing grille on silage body as standard


  • With the new locking system developed by Fliegl, the rear panel is first raised a bit vertically, then swivelled out.

  • The hydraulic rear panel opens by about 90° to allow loading from the rear.

  • Extra-large axle gauge ensures outstanding stability on any terrain

  • Side panels can be opened for loading

Profi - Jumbo - Bull Three tippers that do more

It’s no secret that low trailers are advantageous when it comes to transporting and unloading bulk material. With the new Jumbo series, Fliegl presents dump trailers in an extremely low construction. The designers lowered the tippers, for example, by placing the axles with the Gigant assembly above the springs and modifying the assembly of Titan axle assemblies on smaller trailers. The spring construction has also been adjusted. On request, Fliegl's Jumbo tippers roll on special low-profile tyres that are very wide but extremely low. The vehicle centre of gravity is also low, which guarantees high stability even on very steep slopes and when unloading. The low overall height of the jumbos simplifies the work in halls and loading. The Jumbo family consists of six tandem dump trucks with a gross weight of 8 to 22 tonnes and six tandem three-way dumpers with a total weight of between 8 and 16 tonnes.

As for most of its three-way tippers, Fliegl also offers a hydraulic ballast door as an option for the new jumbos. It protects the rear of the vehicle with the lighting system against damage caused by bulk material and improves occupational safety, as it does not have to be manually unlocked or opened. Fliegl always supplies dump trailers with ballast flap with wear-resistant load floor made of steel (HB 400). The Jumbo, with its low profile, can be used in conjunction with the ballast hatch for an optional loft ladder with a very flat ascent angle. It is simply inserted into the post pockets of the flap.


Fliegl manufactures the Bull series tipper body in the stable segment construction, familiar from the push-off trailer. The compact vehicles offer large volume, and they only need a small tipping height when unloading. The generous load capacity is enhanced by the 800-millimeter-wide rear wall and the sloping front wall. Greater volume with no change to the frame length - this is the principle Fliegl uses for its professional dumper series. With the short chassis, the trailers are particularly agile. The trough bulkhead is also sloping, the depth of the high-capacity rear wall here measures 300 millimeters. New: For the best overview in the loading area, Fliegl will equip all Bull and Profi tippers in the future with an extra large viewing window in the bulkhead.

For Fliegl standard dump trucks and for the professional version, a 500 mm high side folding attachment can be ordered. When set up, it increases the volume of the trough; when it is folded down, it simplifies loading. It is then fixed to the outside of the trough so that it does not block the opening of the hydraulic rear wall. Another option is a hinged front-view grille - useful when chopping, where the crop is thrown from the front over the tractor in the dump truck.

Whether it’s a Jumbo, Bull, professional or standard series, whether trough or three-way tipper - with 50 different tipping trailer types, Fliegl Agrartechnik covers every need in the field of agricultural bulk material transport.