“Gigant” push-off trailer with powerful spreader mechanism.

Fliegl spreader mechanisms can spread the widest variety of materials accurately and uniformly over useful farming areas. This optimises the effectiveness of the fertiliser, so you do not have to purchase any mineral fertilisers. So you save time and money.

For heaviest jobs - “Tiger” spreader mechanism

Side panels made of wear-resistant steel 450 HB. Heavy-duty spreader mechanism with
milling tool made of 450 HB


For the Profi V2 and Profi V2n spreader mechanisms Fliegl offers its VARIOSENS spreader mechanism control system (FVS). In conjunction with Fliegl Trailer Control (FTC), fertilizer application can be largely automated. Manual switching and controlling are eliminated, at the same time creating a perfect spreading pattern. Via ISOBUS Multicontrol, FTC and FVS can be used in parallel - for optimum ease of use, relief for the user and maximum efficiency.

Specifically, the following functions are automated:

  • Check and control of the PTO speed
  • Optional opening of rear flap, e.g. for solid manure
  • Opening of the sliding gate
  • Pushing off of the moving panel at maximum speed
  • Control of the sliding panel as a function of the torque (for example, to compensate for uneven loads and for optimal longitudinal distribution)
  • Two emptying strokes for complete discharge
  • Return of the sliding panel at maximum speed
  • Rear flap is closed

Perfect spreading pattern


The ISOBUS Multi-Control is a multi-machine control system. It allows parallel operation of a FLIEGL VARIO SENS and a FLIEGL TRAILER CONTROL, for example. So the Multi-Control simplifies the work of the operator and also increases the efficiency of the application itself.

“Profi” spreader mechanism - DLG tested

Basic and overall spread at

“Profi V2” and “Profi V2n” spreader mechanisms

Profi V2

Profi V2n

ASW 271 with Profi V2 stable manure 30 T/ha with rear flap open

DLG rating scale

VK% > 20 to 25 = 0
VK% > 15 to ≤ 20 = +
VK% ≤ 15 = ++


Fliegl spreader mechanisms optimise the application of various materials. The distribution is uniform, precise, efficient and - fully variably - fine or wide. The fertilizer efficiency increases, while the requirement for expensive mineral fertilizer drops considerably. The powerful spreader mechanism technology processes cattle and poultry manure, sewage sludge, compost, lime etc.

All Fliegl push-off trailers can be retrofitted easily and within minutes with a spreader mechanism. This makes the ASW even more versatile, becoming a professional spreader mechanism. The PTO drives the spreader mechanism mechanically. Standing rollers achieve enormous throughput.

The Fliegl portfolio includes the Profi, Profi V2 and the low-mounted Profi V2n spreader mechanisms. The maximum range of the Profi is about 22 meters. An automatic feed control adjusts the push-off speed continuously.

Between 18 and 27 metres, the spreading distance of the Profi V2 ranks with the standard fully galvanized sliding gate and mechanically hinged side panel.

Its spreader mechanism bearings are easy to maintain via a central lubrication system, the smooth-running slinger works gently and with low maintenance, and it is insensitive to foreign bodies.

The German Agricultural Society has tested the Profi V2 spreader mechanism in combination with an ASW 271 and awarded its stable manure distribution quality with the DLG test mark. When discharging 10 t/ha, good distribution qualities in the transverse direction were achieved. For 30 t/ha this rose to very good qualities. In the longitudinal direction, the calculated coefficients of variation with values close to 10% are in the very good range. The extension within the tolerance zone is at a high level of just under 70% for both equipment variants and spread rates.