Innovation starts with ideas which, when implemented in a dedicated and practical manner, create a real benefit for all customers of the Fliegl Group. Behind all these ideas and innovations is one man: Josef Fliegl senior. Let us accompany him on a journey through time, back to the last century and the very beginning of his business ventures.

. . . before 1981
A farmer becomes a mechanical engineer
  • 1970
    Josef Fliegl senior takes over the 25 ha agricultural holding of his parents. He soon shifts his focus to the sale and construction of agricultural machinery.

  • 1973
    Josef Fliegl seeks out new challenges to complement the agricultural machinery trade. He finds these in his new role as a mechanical engineer.

  • 1975
    Josef Fliegl senior completes his mechanical engineer training in a very short time, passes his journeyman's examination and sets up a family business as a sole trader. With one master craftsman and a handful of employees, the company refits tippers and produces slurry tanks.

  • 1976
    Josef Fliegl senior values independence and decides to become a master craftsman himself. He passes his master's examination with flying colours and in record time. With three apprentices and two welders, he focuses on the assembly of dump trucks and slurry tanks.

  • 1977
    Heavy-duty cultivators are very much in trend. The individual enterprise Fliegl begins to produce heavy-duty cultivators for stubble working and seed bed preparation and is soon manufacturing 400 units per year.

  • 1978
    The individual enterprise Fliegl presents its products at the agricultural show of the Karpfham fair, thus making a name for itself far beyond regional boundaries.