Your No. 1 for agricultural transport solutions

For decades, the name Fliegl has stood for quality and well thought-out practical solutions in agriculture.
These are advantages that have made Fliegl the No. 1 in Europe in the field of agricultural trailers, for example.

No matter whether tipper, original ASW Push-off Trailer, slurry technology or harvest logistics:
With Fliegl you always have the optimal transport concept.


Produkt Highlights


The Fliegl TWIST LINE is a high-tech tank, which is not only gentle on the soil but also impresses with its outstanding manoeuvrability – even on the headland.

Thanks to the central mounting, the axle of the single-axle tank can be rotated by approx. 11 degrees relative to the tank container to enable travel in crab steering mode. As a result, soil compaction is greatly reduced. As soon as the axle turns, the optional three-point hydraulics are swivelled accordingly, thus eliminating the need for an additional pivoting headstock for the attachment. 

Maximum ground protection with utmost manoeuvrability

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