At Fliegl, there's always something going on, true to the motto that standing still is falling behind. This also includes visits to our end customers, after all, we want to know how our machines behave in operation and where we can support the farmer even further. One result of the visits are also the Fliegl on Tour videos, which briefly summarize practical use. Fliegl is simply always on tour.

Cattle transport trailer Noah TTW 100

Noah TTW 100 livestock transport trailer for transporting cows to external grazing areas. With the Fliegl livestock transport trailer, cattle, pigs, goats, sheep or other animals can be transported from one place to another quickly, easily, safely and in a manner appropriate to the species. A tipping drawbar allows the animals to get in and out easily and quickly. Another advantage is the centrally adjustable partition grid. This allows the rear part of the livestock transport trailer to be separated from the front, preventing unrest among the animals. In addition, the partition grid also facilitates loading and unloading of the animals.


Use of articulated vehicles in the Passau/Neukirchen vorm Wald area. Slurry transport with semi-trailer barrel 24000 liters volume as well as unloading situation in slurry pit. Pick-up of grass in the field with ASW 298 with max. volume of approx. 55 cbm - transport from field to road with unloading into existing silo facility.

ASW Gigant

Fliegl push-off trailer ASW Gigant

Deployment of several push-off vehicles in the Altötting area incl. current model of the ASW 271 - harvesting support/chopping GPS with ideal terrain conditions.

Fliegl Forsttechnik dump truck with Z-crane, type TDK 110-K

With the TDK 110-K tipper, a wide range of transport and loading work can be carried out on site without the need for additional personnel or equipment. Whether clearing ditches or removing and transporting residual wood, the strong and flexible Z-crane ensures rapid and safe loading and unloading.


The drag shoe spreader "Skate" enables an even and, above all, plant-friendly spreading of slurry, both on grassland and on arable land. The proven Fliegl auger distributor, in combination with short discharge hoses, ensures that the slurry gets to where it belongs: in the soil. This results in lower ammonia emissions and thus more efficient nitrogen utilization. In addition, the plants remain clean and leaf contamination is avoided.

Fliegl KDS 260 muck control

The professional chain spreader KDS 260 muck control convinces all along its length. With a capacity of approx. 22 m³ something goes. The side walls and the floor are made of fine-grained steel. The proven components are used for the chassis, running gear and axles. Spreading is carried out by the horizontal varioSPLASH disc spreading system. Two spreading rollers ensure a perfectly metered transfer. In addition, the spreader is equipped as standard with a hydraulically suspended drawbar and a rotating drawbar.

Fliegl hook lift HKL 22 Limited

Stable, flexible, efficient: with only one hook lift chassis, containers, for example original Fliegl push-off containers, skips, platforms and even voluminous slurry barrels can be transported. The Fliegl hook lift is particularly practical when containers have to be filled in a stationary position. As a limited edition, the HKL 22 is offered in the agricultural version with 22 t permissible total weight. Here, an air suspension is integrated. The pneumatic tilt lowering creates optimum stability even at high tilt angles of up to 50°.

Fliegl Push-Off Semi-Trailer ASS 298 Agro-Truck GreenTec

The push-off semi-trailers from Fliegl transport large-volume and heavy goods and unload them in seconds. Whether wood chips, pellets or grain, the push-off technology ensures uniform and residue-free unloading with the necessary safety factor. The Fliegl ASS 298 as an Agro-Truck is ideal for use on agricultural land, but still has all the advantages of a truck on the road. As a GreenTec, it is equipped with aluminum sidewalls, giving it a weight advantage. This model with a special paint scheme was on display at the MAN Trucknology Roadshow 2020.

Fliegl single-axle three-way tipper EDK 60 Limited

Three tipping sides, full flexibility: single-axle three-way tippers from Fliegl are real all-rounders, available from 2.6 t to 8 t total weight. They combine maximum maneuverability, large tipping angle, track-precise running and maximum stability. The compact design with galvanized, extremely torsion-resistant hollow beam frame and the low center of gravity ensure the necessary stability and steadiness in every application despite the low dead weight. Attachable platform gates are optional. Fliegl single-axle three-way tippers are heavy-duty universal tippers for rapid deployment.

Fliegl DK 180 XL Limited two-axle three-way tipper

Fliegl two-axle three-way tippers are transport professionals with a powerful lift. The DK 180 XL Limited is no exception. With its 18 t permissible total weight, it masters even high payloads thanks to its weight-optimized design. The robust steel bridge is sandblasted, dip primed and coated with two-component paint. The galvanized, continuously formed frame is made of high-strength fine-grained steel joined in a welded construction. The special feature here is a center stanchion, which provides optimum stability.

Fliegl KDS 120 manure spreader

The grass has been harvested, now first apply proper organic fertilizer before building the corn. In addition to liquid manure, many farmers also use manure, compost or fermentation substrate. Fliegl has therefore expanded its product portfolio in the field of spreading technology to include chain dung spreaders. The first type was already on display at AGRITECHNICA 2019. Since then, the company has been busy tinkering and building, resulting in a number of models. The features of the KDS 120 single-axle spreader are extensive and convincing.