RUBY transfer belt

RUBY is designed specifically for sugar beets. As of the ASW 271 Gigant, the transfer belt can be ordered as an attachment. It achieves transfer rates of up to 15 m³/min. The hydraulically powered belt is approx. 1 m wide and can transfer at heights of up to 4 m.

  • Increased performance with bunkering during sugar beet harvest

  • Facilitates harvesting with large plot lengths, particularly in the case of insufficient bunker capacity of the harvester

  • Clean and effective clamping

  • Transfer to truck trailers

  • Unloading rate of up to approx. 750 tonnes/hour (depending on transfer height)

  • Hydraulic adjustment of unloading height between 1.70 and 4.00 metres

  • Emptying rate of up to approx. 15 cbm/min

  • Soil-friendly tyres with range of options available; for low ground pressure, drag resistance and fuel consumption

  • Convenient electro-hydraulic operation

The RUBY transfer belt is the ideal aid for sugar beet harvests. The belt is quickly and easily attached to a push-off trailer. All that is required is a rear-axle support to maintain maximum stability even when the belt is extended.

The beets are transported via a chain conveyor with flights. The open design of the conveyor allows dirt to escape before it is transferred. An integrated on-board camera enables accurate determination of the clamp height. Since the RUBY transfer belt is powered hydraulically, no PTO through drive is required.