Wir sind Fliegl

Fliegl is a family business – with a passion. Tradition, innovation and family values have guided our company for decades and we are proud of these principles. The family concept is at the core of our business, standing as it does for friendship, trust, passion and solidarity. All these qualities combine to form the foundation of our daily work. Every day, we strive to develop new innovations for the world of agriculture, yet never losing sight of traditional, tried-and-tested techniques. However, our mission is also to grow our company with unwavering commitment and dedication, all the while placing our faith and confidence in the future.

Our core motto "Wir sind Fliegl" (We are Fliegl) highlights the focal point of our company, one that is more important than ever in today's world: the farmers. Those people who have dedicated their lives to agricultural pursuits, thus ensuring that we can all have food on our table. People who use our machines with great fervour every single day and whose life we can make so much easier with our innovative products. People who share our love and passion for the world of agriculture. People who value family, friendship and tradition, but never lose sight of the future. People who, like us, keep their fingers on the pulse. Our motto "Wir sind Fliegl" aims to group all this in a single, overarching statement.

Family, friendship, tradition