Frame/Axles | TMK 376 Bull

Equipment frame/axlesStandardOptional
Tridem chassisX 
Permitted total weight 29,000 kg, drawbar load 2,000 kgX 
permitted total weight 30000 kg, 3000 kg drawbar load up to 40 km/h, please note the permitted drawbar load of the vehicle O
permitted total weight 31,000 kg with 4,000 kg drawbar load up to 40 km/h, please note permitted drawbar load of the tractor (possible only with ball head) O
Profi frame, galvanisedX 
Parabolic suspension, Gigant assemblyX 
Parabolic suspension, Gigant Plus assembly O
Hydraulically sprung draw gear, swivelling for upper/bottom hitch, easily adjustable coupling height to suit different requirementsX 
DIN drawbar eye 40 (Ø 40 mm)X 
Ball head K80 (Ø 80 mm) O
Piton-Fix (for export only) O
Swivelling drawbar eye 50 mm (Ø 50 mm) for export only O
Axle version 410 x 120, brake drums BPWX 
Axle version 410 x 180, brake drums BPW O
3 brake axles / front steered, centre rigid, rear steeredX 
Forced steering - 3 brake axles, medium rigid, first and last steered, track width 2050 mm or 2150 mm O
2-circuit compressed air with ALBX 
Hydraulic single-line brake without load adaptation valve, with flat-sealing sleeve, for export only O
Hydraulic single-line brake with load adaptation valve and flat-sealing sleeve, for export only O
40 km / h version with EC type approval and COC papers (including fenders, underrun protection and side marker lights)X 
60 km / h Germany version with TÜV data sheet (including clearance lights, side marker lights) O
Supporting foot, hydraulicX 
Hitch support jack rigid, possible only with bottom hitch, coupling height 400mm (for export only) O
Tipping cylinder 2470 mm hub, limit switchX 
Rear trailer coupling O
Rear trailer coupling, automatic O
Brake connection for 2nd trailer / 2-circuit compressed air O
Hydraulics for 2nd trailer O
Brake connection for 2nd trailer / hydraulic brake O
  1. Large size tilt ball bearing up to body size 5.15 m for optimum stability.
  2. All Bull bodies and dumpers starting from TMK 256 have a heavy-duty tilt bearing mounted directly on the frame 
  3. Continuous, robust tipping crossbar, extra-wide bearing at the rear.
  4. Large-size tilt cylinder (gimbal mounting).
  5. Specially strong hollow section frame: (no welded U-profiles) ensures maximum stability (absolute torsion-resistance), so no warping is possible.
  6. Heavy-duty axles with plenty of reserve.
  7. Extra-large track width for unparalleled stability on challenging terrains.
  8. Swivelling drawbar for top or bottom hitch

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