The Fliegl push-off system combines and optimises the benefits of all known transport systems.
The »Gigant« push-off trailer is ready for use all year round. Be it grass or maize silage, potatoes, large bales, heavy materials or snow – its flexibility and power know no bounds. You will be particularly impressed by the safe and rapid unloading of the push-off trailer.


The entry-level model – our single-axle push-off trailer

10.5 t     Single-axle

The single-axle version of the ASW is the ideal choice for smaller transport jobs. Its compact design enables easy handling and maximum manoeuvrability, while the vehicle's load capacity is equally impressive. The practical push-off mechanism facilitates unloading of bulk materials and other goods, thus ensuring utmost efficiency. With high-quality materials and first-class workmanship, this push-off trailer delivers reliable performance and impressive durability. The single-axle version of the Fliegl push-off trailer is a versatile and reliable solution that is equally well suited to the agricultural, gardening and landscaping or construction sector.

 Compact and agile

 High capacity

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The all-rounders – our tandem models

11 to 24 t     Tandem

The Fliegl push-off trailer with tandem chassis is the optimum solution for transporting large loads with maximum efficiency. The robust tandem chassis offers enhanced load capacity and stability, making this push-off trailer ideal for use in demanding environments. The advanced technology of the push-off mechanism ensures quick and accurate unloading of the transported materials, which accelerates work processes and raises productivity. Constructed from first-class materials and boasting a sophisticated design, the Fliegl push-off trailer with tandem chassis delivers lasting performance and utmost reliability for diverse applications.

 Robust chassis for maximum capacity and stability

 Quick and precise unloading

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The giants – our tridem models

29 to 34 t     Tridem

The Fliegl push-off trailer with Tridem chassis is the ultimate solution for transporting very large loads. The heavy-duty Tridem chassis distributes the weight evenly, thereby ensuring high capacity and stability, even on difficult terrain. With its impressive payload, this push-off trailer easily handles even the highest volumes of materials and bulk goods. The advanced push-off mechanism ensures smooth and accurate unloading, which serves to optimise workflows for maximum overall efficiency. The Fliegl push-off trailer with Tridem chassis is the perfect choice for silage work, grain harvests and other high-volume tasks.

 Extremely robust and safe chassis

 Impressive payload capacity

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ASW TAURUS – the silage champion

21 to 34 t      Tandem, tridem

In terms of its size, capacity and robustness, the ASW TAURUS is a true giant in the field of transport. It was designed specifically for transporting silage. It masters all challenges with its sheer size and equally impressive maximum weight. The TAURUS also boasts high levels of standard equipment. This includes the hydraulically sprung draw gear with easily adjustable coupling height. The chassis delivers maximum ride comfort in all situations, not least thanks to the BPW hydraulic suspension. The latter maintains utmost comfort when travelling on roads, while also guaranteeing reliable stability on inclines. In addition, the 410 x 180 axle configuration guarantees high load capacity and braking performance.

 Massive load capacity

 Impressive standard equipment

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ASS push-off semi-trailers

35 to 40 t      Tandem, tridem

The push-off semi-trailer is an innovative transport solution designed specifically for the world of agricultural logistics. Its intelligent push-off mechanism enables effortless and efficient unloading of bulk goods and materials directly from the semi-trailer. Special field-compatible push-off trailers are also available. This saves valuable time and makes working life a great deal easier. Thanks to its robust and durable construction, the push-off trailer can easily withstand the rigours of everyday use. With its high load capacity and impressive versatility, it is suitable for a wide range of applications in various different sectors, including agriculture and contracting businesses. The push-off semi-trailer is the ideal choice for smooth and efficient goods transports.

 Combined transport for maximum efficiency

 Enormous load capacity

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Cleverly combined for enhanced flexibility

ASW attachments – more than a transport vehicle

With the innovative Fliegl attachments, you can rapidly transform your push-off trailer into a versatile manure spreader or practical transfer trailer. The sophisticated technology ensures quick and simple assembly, which not only boosts efficiency but also massively extends the range of applications. With these individual combinations, special-purpose vehicles can be replaced with a Fliegl push-off trailer and corresponding attachment. This helps to reduce both procurement and maintenance costs. Transform your push-off trailer into a flexible and multifunctional solution to satisfy all your agricultural and transport requirements – with Fliegl attachments.

 One vehicle for all work processes

 Lower purchasing costs thanks to diverse combination options

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ASW cover systems – for secured and protected loads

Fliegl's load securing systems for push-off trailers set new benchmarks when it comes to safety and reliability. These specially developed systems ensure that the load remains secure and well protected during transport. With innovative technologies such as folding roofs, roll nets and sliding tarps, the load securing systems from Fliegl are designed for straightforward operation and easy handling. They offer reliable protection for all loads – be it grain, silage, wood chips or other materials – throughout the entire transport operation. Thanks to their outstanding quality and first-class workmanship, Fliegl load securing systems offer a perfect blend of safety and performance, making them the ideal choice for push-off trailers.

 Safe and clean transport

 Quick and easy operation

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The Fliegl ASW – a true success story