Jumbo Line vacuum tank

3,000 to 10,600 l

The tanks of the JUMBO Line offer professional performance on small farms and on very steep surfaces. Their size and low centre of gravity makes these slurry tanks both safe and agile. Fliegl only offers a vacuum version of the smart JUMBO Line. 

 Low centre of gravity for high stability levels


Jumbo TURBO Line vacuum tank

 3,000 to 8,600 l

The JUMBO TURBO Line is based on the technology of the JUMBO Line and thus retains several of its benefits. The special feature of the slurry tanks of the JUMBO TURBO Line is an additional centrifugal pump. The optional, hydraulically swivelling sprinkler nozzle is the perfect tool for spreading on inclined surfaces.  

 Slurry application with high pressure on steep slopes 


Maxx Line vacuum tank

 5,000 to 25,000 l

The tanks of the Maxx Line tanks offer bespoke equipment and are characterised by their robust construction. Another benefit of the Maxx Line tanks is the wide choice of container sizes. The tanks are compatible with all slurry spreading devices.  

 Wide choice of capacities 


Maxx Line Plus vacuum tank

 14,000 to 18,000 l

As an enhancement of the Maxx Line, the Maxx Line Plus impresses with its standard high-volume tyres. These not only deliver maximum comfort both on the field and on the road, but also provide optimum protection against soil compaction. Powerful and convenient suction is ensured by an optional turbo filler positioned centrally under the tank. 

 The all-rounder for farmers who prefer their own equipment


Jumbo Line Plus vacuum tank

 14,000 to 18,000 l

Thanks to the Boogie SB floating assembly and in combination with 30.5" wheels, the JUMBO Line Plus tanks ensure safe and soil-friendly operation on sloping surfaces. The special feature of these tanks is the variable adjustment of the drawbar load at the rear of the tractor, which is enabled by the hydraulically adjustable axle assembly. The result is improved traction and greater pulling power for your tractor.

 The hill specialist for stable handling


Big Foot tandem vacuum tank

 16,000 and 18,000 l

Fitted with 800/60 R34 tyres as standard, the Fliegl BIG FOOT tank more than lives up to its name.

Particularly on wet and boggy ground, the tank enables effective slurry application with minimal ground pressure and optimum load distribution. Individual wheel arches tailored to the tyre dimensions are also integrated.

The hydraulic axle suspension ensures excellent ground adaptation combined with maximum ride comfort, even on steep slopes.

  Massive tyres to protect your soil


Alpha Line vacuum tank

 10,600 to 27,500 l

The Alpha Line slurry tank was designed especially for intensive, professional use. It features an extensive range of standard equipment, which can be supplemented with clever and sophisticated technical details. This tank series offers a number of interesting options when it comes to soil protection.

 Maximum equipment levels for professional use with impressive performance