MAXX LINE VACUUM TANK – 8,600 TO 18,000 l

The characteristic feature of the MAXX Line tandem vacuum tanks is their robust construction. With three dummy flanges fitted as standard, the tanks are extremely flexible with regard to filling. The maximum tyre dimensions of 750/45 R26.5 is a particular highlight of these tanks.

The full capacity of the relevant tank container is used effectively without any changes to the wheel arch. A self-steering axle is available as an option for the MAXX Line tandem tanks.


MAXX Line tandem (size) 860010,60012000140001600018000
Container length (shell) in mm400050005000550060006000
Container diameter in mm160016001700180018001900
Bottom hitch with K 80 (1)OOOOOO
Tank tipping cylinder with supporting standSSSSSS
Drawbar suspension incl. tank tipping cylinder + supporting standOOOOOO
Compressed air with ALB (1)SSSSSS
Axle assembly TitanTitanTitanTitanGigant Gigant Plus
Self-steering axle (1)OOOOOO
Axle version 410 x 180XXXOOO
Tyres 385/65 R22.5SSSSSS
Tyres 550/60-22.5 16 PROOOOOO
Tyres 560/60 R22.5OOOOOO
Tyres 600/55-22.5 16 PROOOOOO
Tyres 650/50 R22.5 OOOOOO
Tyres 710/45-22,5 16 PROOOOOO
Tyres 650/55 R26.5XOOOOO
Tyres 710/50 R26.5XOOOOO
Tyres 750/45 R26.5XOOOOO
Hertell 8000 l compressorSSSSSS
Battioni 9000 l compressorOOOOOO
Hertell 10,000 l compressorOOOOOO
Battioni 11,000 l compressorOOOOOO
Hertell 12,000 l compressorXOOOOO
Battioni 13,500 l compressorXXOOOO
6 inch intake valve (VFW)SSSSSS
8 inch intake valve (VFW)OOOOOO
Hydraulic filling dome 400 mmOOOOOO
Plexiglas fill level indicator 100 mmOOOOOO
Foam separator XSSSSS
Silencer with oil separator for compressor OOOOOO
Mounting brackets for trailing shoe spreader SSSSSS
Four-point hydraulics (2000 kg) XOOOOO
Four-point hydraulics (4500 kg) XXXXOO
Lateral turbo fillerOOOOOO
Internal pneumatic agitatorOOOOOO
LED working lightsOOOOOO
Tank counter (D)OOOOOO
Hydraulic compressor changeover (H)OOOOOO
8" suction nozzle (VFW)OOOOOO
Discharge accelerator OOOOOO
Discharge accelerator with shredding cutterOOOOOO
Hydraulic control block OOOOOO
LED light packageXOOOOO
Dummy flange left and right reinforced for turbo fillerSSSSSS