ALPHA LINE VACUUM TANK – 10,600 TO 14,000 l

The ALPHA Line single-axle tanks offer an extensive list of standard equipment. These tanks were designed for intensive, professional use and can be equipped with sophisticated technical details. A particular highlight of the ALPHA line single-axle tanks is the optional telescopic axle in combination with 32" tyres.

A specially developed drawbar design ensures maximum ride comfort, both on the field and on the road.


S = standard | O = optional | X = not available
ALPHA Line single-axle (size)10,6001200014000
Container length (shell) in mm500050005000
Container diameter in mm160017001900
Bottom hitch with K 80 (1) SSS
Drawbar suspension incl. tank tipping cylinder + supporting stand (2)SSS
Compressed air with ALB (2)SSS
Axle version 410 x 180 SSS
Tyres 750/60 R30.5SSS
Tyres 850/50 R30.5 OOO
Tyres 800/65 R32OOO
Tyres 900/60 R32OOO
Additional 480/80 R34 tires for spreading in the maize cropOOO
Additional 480/80 R38 tires for spreading in the maize cropOOO
Hertell 12,000 l compressorSSS
Battioni 11,000 l compressorOOO
Battioni 13,500 l compressor OOO
Hertell 14,000 l compressor (water-cooled)OOO
Battioni 16,000 l compressorOOO
Hertell 18,000 l compressorOOO
6 inch intake valve (VFW2)SSS
8 inch intake valve (VFW)OOO
Hydraulic filling dome 600 mmOOO
Plexiglas fill level indicator (2)SSS
Foam separator (2)SSS
Silencer with oil separator for compressorSSS
Mounting bracket for trailing shoe spreader and four-point hydraulics SSS
Four-point hydraulics (4500 kg) OOO
Turbo filler positioned centrally under tank (1)OOO
Ladder (VFW)OOO
Internal hydraulic agitatorOOO
Internal pneumatic agitator (2)OOO
LED working lightsOOO
Tank counter (D)OOO
Hydraulic compressor changeover (H)OOO
8" suction nozzle (VFW 3)OOO
"Elefant" suction arm OOO
Discharge accelerator OOO
Discharge accelerator with shredding cutterOOO
Hydraulic control block OOO
LED light packageOOO
Tyre pressure control system OOO
Telescopic axle OOO
Digital flow meterOOO
Flow rate control incl. flow meterOOO
Fliegl Slurry Tanker (ISOBUS slurry tank control)OOO
Preparation for NIR sensorOOO
Control panel with joystick control for elephantOOO