JUMBO LINE VACUUM TANK – 3,000 TO 10,600 l

The JUMBO Line tanks are designed specifically for smaller farms with steep sloping fields. The smart vehicles are only available in vacuum design. They are characterised by their very low centre of gravity, which ensures maximum stability.

The 5000 and 7500 litre tanks of the JUMBO Line feature a cranked axle as standard, which delivers an even lower centre of gravity.


S = standard | O = optional | X = not available
Jumbo Line single-axle (size)30004000
Container length (shell) in mm30003000
Container diameter in mm11001250
Top hitch with DIN drawbar eyeSS
Overrun brakeSS
Compressed air with ALB (2)OO
Tyres 11.5/80-15.3 10 PRSX
Tyres 12.5/80-18 12 PRXS
Tyres 15.0/55-17 10 PROO
Tyres 15.0/70-18 16 PROO
Tyres 19.0/45-17 14 PROO
Tyres 500/50-17 14 PROO
Hertell 4000 l compressorSS
Hertell 5000 l compressorOO
Hertell 6500 l compressorOO
5 inch intake valve (VFW)SS
6 inch intake valve (VFW)OO
Battioni 4000 l compressorOO
Battioni 5000 l compressorOO
Battioni 6500 l compressorOO
Hydraulic filling dome 400 mmOO
Additional siphonSS
Silencer with oil separator for compressorOO
Ladder (VFW)OO
Internal pneumatic agitatorOO
Tank counter (D)OO
Hydraulic compressor changeover (H)OO
Downhill emptyingOO
Jumbo Line single-axle (size)500062007500860010,600
Container length (shell) in mm30004000400040005000
Container diameter in mm14001400150016001600
Cranked axleSSSUp to 26.5" tyresX
Top hitch with DIN drawbar eyeSSSSS
Bottom hitch with K 80 (1)OOOOO
Tank tipping cylinder with supporting standSSSSS
Drawbar suspension incl. tank tipping cylinder + supporting standOOOOO
Compressed air with ALB (2)SSSSS
Tyres 550/60-22.5 16 PRSSSXX
Tyres 600/55-22.5 16 PROOOXX
Tyres 710/45-22,5 16 PROOOOX
Tyres 560/60 R22.5OOOSX
Tyres 650/50 R22.5OOOOX
Tyres 600/55-26.5 12 PROOOOX
Tyres 650/55 R26.5OOOOX
Tyres 710/50 R26.5OOOOX
Tyres 750/45 R26.5OOOOX
Tyres 28 L 26XXXOS
Tyres 750/60 R30.5XXXOO
Tyres 850/50 R30.5XXXOO
Tyres 800/65 R32XXXXO
Hertell 6500 l compressorSSSSX
Battioni 6500 l compressorOOOOX
Hertell 8000 l compressorOOOOS
Battioni 9000 l compressorOOOOO
Hertell 10,000 l compressorOOOOO
Battioni 11,000 l compressorXXOOO
Hertell 12,000 l compressorXXXXO
6 inch intake valve (VFW)SSSSS
8 inch intake valve (VFW)XXXOO
Hydraulic filling dome 400 mmOOOOO
Plexiglas fill level indicator (2)XXXOO
Additional siphonSSSSS
Silencer with oil separator for compressorOOOOO
Mounting brackets for trailing shoe spreaderSSSSS
Lateral turbo fillerXXXOO
Internal pneumatic agitatorOOOOO
Tank counter (D)OOOOO
Hydraulic compressor changeover (H)OOOOO
6" suction nozzle (VFW)OOOXX
8" suction nozzle (VFW 3)XXXOO
Downhill emptyingOOOOO