Suitable for slurry hoses or self-propelled

Soil-sparing slurry spreading

Fliegl Agrartechnik not only manufactures drag shoe distributors for slurry barrels, but also offers a practical distribution technology for slurry hoses. Especially on marshy and humid areas or steep slopes, the slurry hose system together with the Fliegl Snake is superior to other techniques, provided that the slurry logistics are in line with the spreading rate. In addition, the soil is largely spared and strong compaction is avoided, which has a predominantly positive effect on the yield development. Apart from its use in hose technology, the Fliegl Snake can also be ideally attached to self-propelled manure spreaders due to its ingenious folding mechanism, regardless of the tank size/width!

  • Working widths 8.50 / 12.00 / 15.00 m

  • Package-type folding ensures extremely compact transport dimensions with 2.60 m width and max. 3.80 m height

  • Equipped with the proven Fliegl screw distributor

  • Drip-stop at the headland via hydraulic fold-up

  • The Fliegl SNAKE is the perfect solution in combination with a slurry automated vehicle

  • The Fliegl Flow Control digital flow meter can be used to ensure an even slurry application

  • Robust draw tube with sophisticated centring technology

  • Smooth turning process possible due to high swivel range of the draw tube

  • Low maintenance

The hydraulically swivelling draw tube is the heart of the slurry hosing. Allows exact guiding of the slurry hose and ensures comfortable turning at the headland

How it works: At the headland the application hoses are folded up (drip stop). After that, the draw tube is relieved and can be turned together with the hose over 220 degrees to turn it over. After the tractor is back in the appropriate working position, the draw tube is tensioned and centred via two equally long chains. The driver then lowers the delivery hoses and can continue with the application in the new lane.

A special safety mechanism prevents a collision between the draw tube and the trailing shoe springs.

Control: The Snake comes as standard with a hydraulic control block. All functions are operated via a control panel with toggle switches.

The Fliegl SNAKE can be attached to the hydraulics directly behind the tractor or automated vehicle. Especially with self-propelled slurry spreader tanks the folding mechanism plays a very important role, since the tank bodies are often very wide.

Here, the Fliegl SNAKE offers the perfect solution due to its flexibility and independence.

With its smart design with a transport width of 2.60 m and a max. transport height of 3.80 m, you travel safely on the road.



The Fliegl Snake offers working widths of 8.5; 12 and 15 meters and can be quickly attached to the tractor. For transport, the Fliegl Snake can be folded together to an incredibly compact 2.60 metres width and max. 3.80 metres height. The hydraulic draw tube ensures optimal guidance of the hose and relieves it during the turning process. The low oil consumption of the screw distributor of a maximum of 25 litres per minute is unbeatable.

The application of slurry with the hose instead of the tank brings a whole range of advantages. The soil is largely spared and compaction avoided. In addition, the tubing can be used where other techniques reach their limits – for example, in wet meadows or on steep slopes. Important arguments for the farmers - especially since their prized possession is healthy and productive soil.

If the logistical conditions are right, then the tubing is the ideal system for slurry spreading. Fliegl Agrartechnik has incorporated its many years of experience with trailing shoe spreaders for tank trailers into the project "slurry hoses". The well-proven and sophisticated basic system of the Skate trailing shoe spreader has been retained, such as the short outlet hoses and the hydraulic folding up of the spreader on the headland, which ensures an automatic drip stop.

The Snake offers two interesting additional features: On the one hand the innovative package folding. This enables unrivalled compact transport dimensions of just 2.60 metres wide and no more than 3.80 metres high. Even with the package folding the outlet hoses are not kinked when folding and unfolding and the spreader can be mounted in a few steps behind the tractor.

Second, the technically mature hydraulic draw tube, which proves that solutions for agricultural technology rarely emerge from the drawing board, but are constantly evolving over many field tests. The hydraulic draw tube is largely relieved during the turning process, allowing it to swing freely in the large radius. At the same time, the hose experiences as little stress as possible when turning on headland and can therefore be easily guided and tightened. In the working position, the draw tube is stretched and centred so that the hose is pulled straight behind the tractor. In addition, a safety mechanism is installed via a hydraulic cylinder, through which the trailing shoe spreader can only be lowered when the draw tube is stretched. Centring takes place via two chains of equal length, at the end of the draw tube there is a double swivel joint. “Hose salad” and kinking are largely eliminated with this technique.

With the Fliegl Snake you bring nutrients to areas where parts where no tank can reach, even on steep slopes. This is achieved by the standard automatic slope compensation of up to seven degrees. The oil consumption of a maximum of 25 litres per minute is unbeatably ergonomic.

If you wish to determine the exact application rate per hectare, you cannot avoid the Fliegl Flow Control FFC. The in-house solution of the Mühldorf-based company measures the flow rates, ensures a homogenous application and has the slurry quantities almost always in view.

The Snake is particularly interesting for contractors. It can be used both for hosing and for slurry automated vehicles. Here again the two special details are decisive: due to the ingenious package folding, the tank size is no obstacle and the hydraulic draw tube can be dismantled with a few simple steps.


Arbeitsbreiten m 8.5 12 15
Anzahl der Ausläufe 34 48 60
Gewicht kg 1800 2200 2550
Max. Transportbreite mm 2600 2600 2600
Transporthöhe mm 3800 3800 3800