Slurry spreading plus incorporation in one operation

One of the most important goals for a professional slurry application is to achieve a high nutrient efficiency. In particular, the rapid introduction of the substrate into the soil plays an important role in keeping emissions low. The Fliegl “Maulwurf” compact disc harrow guarantees not only a targeted incorporation of slurry, but also a loosening and mixing of your soil. You save another step and gain more time for other activities.. The integrated screw distributor ensures a uniform slurry application.

  • Low drag

  • Can be used on all types of soil

  • Loosening, mixing, slurry, levelling in one operation

  • Adjustable feeler wheels for optimum depth guidance

  • Sturdy angular contact roller bearings

  • Working depth of up to 12 cm

  • Complete covering of the applied slurry with soil

  • Equipped with the proven Fliegl screw distributor

  • High operational safety with changing soil conditions

  • Good penetration into the ground through specially designed hollow discs and matching weight

  • Low maintenance


The large-dimensioned hollow discs work the substrate over a working width of 3 m, 5,7 m or 6,9 m and down to a depth of about 12 cm, so that the manure is completely incorporated – whether on untreated stubble or areas with catch crops that need to be wrapped.

Every mole made by Fliegl comes with two rows of hollow discs. After the first row of discs loosens and breaks the ground, the manure belt is laid down and at the same time covered with fine soil by the rear disc row. Nutrient emissions are avoided.