Poly Line pump tank – 11,000 to 18,500 l

The POLY Line tandem tanks impress with their low net weight. Weight savings of up to 10% are possible in comparison to steel tanks. The container is proudly made in Germany from glass fibre reinforced plastic. Simple cleaning, a high payload and long service life are the hallmarks of this system. The drawbar load can be modified by means of an optional hydraulic adjustment of the axle assembly.

The Fliegl Poly Line tanks can also be equipped with a tyre pressure control system

Poly Line equipment – tandem

POLY Line tandem (size)1100012500140001550018500
Container length in mm50505050505064006400
Container height in mm17501900200019802150
Bottom hitch with DIN drawbar eyeSSSSS
Bottom hitch with K 80 (1)OOOOO
Supporting foot, hydraulicSSSSS
Drawbar suspension incl. tank tipping cylinder + supporting stand (PFW 3)OOOOO
Compressed air with ALB (5)SSSSS
Mechanical axle adjustmentXXXSS
Hydraulic axle adjustment (2)XXXOO
Titan axle assemblySSSXX
Jumbo Gigant Plus axle assemblyXXXOO
Gigant Plus axle assemblyXXXSS
Boogie SB axle assemblyXOOOO
Self-steering axle (PFW 2)OOOOO
Hydraulic forced steering (2)XXOOO
Axle version 410 x 180XXOOO
Tyres 385/65 R22.5SSSSS
Tyres 550/60-22.5 16 PROOOOO
Tyres 600/55-22.5 16 PROOOOO
Tyres 560/60 R22.5OOOOO
Tyres 650/50 R22.5OOOOO
Tyres 700/50-22.5 16 PROOOOO
Tyres 650/55 R26.5OOOOO
Tyres 710/50 R26.5OOOOO
Tyres 28 L 26XXXOO
Tyres 750/45 R26.5OOOOO
Tyres 750/60 R30.5XOOOO
Tyres 850/ 50 R30.5 front, 750/60 R30.5 rearXXXOO
Telescopic first axleXXOOO
Hydraulic push cover, 700 x 700 mm (poly)SSSSS
Armatec 4000 l eccentric screw pumpSSSSS
Wangen 4000 l eccentric screw pumpOOOOO
Armatec 6000 l eccentric screw pumpOOOOO
Armatec 6000 l eccentric screw pumpOOOOO
Vogelsang 4000 l rotary piston pump (P)OOOOO
Vogelsang 6000 l rotary piston pump (P)OOOOO
6" suction gate valve with quick coupler (Poly)SSSSS
8" suction gate valve with quick couplerOOOOO
Mounting bracket for four-point hydraulicsSSSSS
8" suction nozzle (PFW)OOOOO
8" suction nozzle (Poly, central)OOOOO
Four-point hydraulics (2000 kg p)OOOOO
Four-point hydraulics (4500 kg p)XXXOO
Pump case incl. stone trap (2)OOOOO
Ladder (Poly)OOOOO
Automatic pump changeover (P)OOOOO
Fill level indicator, top (Poly)OOOOO
LED working lightsOOOOO
LED light packageOOOOO
Tank counter (D)OOOOO
Hydraulic control block (PFW)OOOOO
Docking with riser pipe (1)OOOOO
Digital flow meterOOOOO
Fliegl Slurry Tanker (ISOBUS slurry tank control)OOOOO
Preparation for NIR sensorOOOOO
Tyre pressure control systemOOOOO
Grease blockOOOOO