MAXX Line pump tank – 6,200 to 10,600 l

The characteristic feature of the MAXX Line single-axle pump tanks is their robust construction. Generous tyre dimensions of up to 800/65 R32 for the 8,600 and 10,600 models ensure optimum ground protection. An eccentric screw pump is fitted as standard for maximum suction power. 

MAXX Line equipment – single-axle

S = standard | O = optional | X = not available
MAXX Line single-axle (size)62007500860010,600
Container length (shell) in mm4000400040005000
Container diameter in mm1400150016001600
Top hitch with DIN drawbar eyeSSSS
Bottom hitch with K 80 (1)OOOO
Tank tipping cylinder with supporting stand (PFW)OSSS
Drawbar suspension incl. tank tipping cylinder + supporting stand (PFW)OOOO
Compressed air with ALB (2)OSSS
Tyres 385/65 R22.5SSXX
Tyres 550/60-22.5 16 PROOXX
Tyres 600/55-22.5 16 PROOXX
Tyres 710/45-22,5 16 PR OOOO
Tyres 560/60 R22.5OOSS
Tyres 650/50 R22.5 OOOO
Tyres 600/55-26.5 12 PROOOX
Tyres 650/55 R26.5OOOO
Tyres 710/50 R26.5OOOO
Tyres 750/45 R26.5OOOO
Tyres 28 L 26XXOO
Tyres 750/60 R30.5XXOO
Tyres 850/50 R30.5XXOO
Tyres 800/65 R32XXOO
Additional 480/80 R34 tires for spreading in the maize cropXXOO
Additional 480/80 R38 tires for spreading in the maize cropXXOO
Armatec 4000 l eccentric screw pumpSSSS
Wangen 4000 l eccentric screw pump OOOO
Armatec 6000 l eccentric screw pumpXXXO
Armatec 6000 l eccentric screw pump XXXO
6" suction gate valve with quick coupler SSSS
8" suction gate valve with quick coupler OOOO
Hydraulic push cover, 700 x 700 mm OOOO
Mounting bracket for trailing shoe spreader SSSS
Plexiglas fill level indicator, 100 mm (PFW)XXXO
Four-point hydraulics (2000 kg) XXXO
Pump case incl. stone trap (1)XXOO
8" suction nozzle (PFW)XXOO
Automatic pump changeoverOOOO
Tank counter (D)OOOO
Hydraulic control block (PFW)OOOO
LED working lightsOOOO
LED light packageXXXO
Ladder (PFW)OOOO