With its load securing systems for push-off trailers, Fliegl is setting new standards when it comes to safety and reliability. These specially developed systems guarantee utmost security and protection of the load during transport. With innovative technologies such as folding roofs, roll nets and sliding tarps, Fliegl's load securing systems are designed for straightforward operation and easy handling. They offer effective protection for all loads – be it grain, silage, wood chips or other materials – throughout the entire transport operation. Thanks to their outstanding quality and class-leading workmanship, the load securing systems offer an ideal blend of safety and performance, making them the perfect choice for push-off trailers.

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SpeedCover cover net

As the name suggests, the SpeedCover cover system is quickly in place to offer secure and reliable protection for all loads. This effectively prevent losses and contamination during transport. The net is quickly and easily applied by means of spring tension. For maximum convenience, a hydraulically powered oil motor allows the Fliegl SpeedCover to be rolled up directly from the vehicle, and it is designed not to impede the load area. The space-saving system can be adapted to virtually all trailers with minimal effort, thus making the Fliegl SpeedCover the perfect user-friendly solution for securing transported loads.

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TopLift and TopLift Light lifting roof

Fliegl TopLift and TopLift Light are two-part, hydraulically controlled roof systems. The Light version features a robust net, while the TopLift is equipped with a strong, tear-proof tarpaulin. The centrally divided lifting roofs reliably protect the load against dirt and damage during transport. They can be rapidly opened and closed on both sides. The two roof sections overlap to provide complete rain protection. When the lifting roof is folded down, trailers can be loaded and closed unhindered, even with a high material cone. Excessively high loads are effectively covered due to the high pivot angle of the roof sections. Unloading with an open lifting roof is just as straightforward. Thanks to the robust roof structure along with the reinforced and riveted tarpaulins, Fliegl TopLift and TopLift Light can cover lengths of up to 12 m.

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Sliding tarpaulin

The Fliegl ASW sliding tarpaulin is characterised by its quick and efficient operation. It is controlled from the ground and is very quickly in place. The tarpaulin covers the load completely and offers particularly effective protection against water. The Fliegl ASW sliding tarpaulin is available for all push-off trailers and Bull dump trucks measuring up to 10.10 m in length.

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