Push-off container | ASW 140

Push-off container equipment Standard Optional
Bridge 5600 mm x 2,380 mm (total length incl. 800 mm rear panel) X  
Side panel elevation 300 mm aluminium   O
Hydraulic high-capacity rear panel (800 mm) with grain hatch (420 x 250 mm) X  
Mechanical side panel folding   O
Extendible ladder (D)   O
Rear panel and side panels 1,500 mm height, without grating front panel extension X  
Rear panel and side panels 2,000 mm high, with front grate extension   O
Side panels painted outside   O
Fall breaker for potatoes   O
Hose holder on front side   O
Side panel elevation mechanically adjustable with 2 m side wall X  
Side panel elevation hydraulically adjustable   O
Hydraulic sliding floor with circumferential polyurethane strips, optimal sealing, hose guide (ASW) X