Equipment | ASW 271 Fox

Chassis equipment Assemblies Standard Optional
Tandem chassis X  
Parabolic suspension, Titan assembly X  
Parabolic suspension, Gigant assembly   O
Parabolic suspension, Gigant Plus assembly   O
Chassis equipment Brake systems and axles Standard Optional
2-circuit compressed air with ALB X  
2-circuit compressed air system with ALB and hydraulic brake combined with flat-sealing sleeve / for export only   O
Hydraulic single-line brake with load adaptation valve and flat-sealing sleeve, for export only   O
Hydraulic single-line brake without load adaptation valve, with flat-sealing sleeve, for export only   O
2 brake axles, both rigid X  
2 brake axles, front rigid, rear steered, hydraulic locking   O
Mechanical parking brake X  
Brake axle 410x120 X  
Brake axle 410x180   O
Chassis equipment Tyres Standard Optional
Tyres 560/60 R22.5 X  
Tyres 600/55-22.5 16 PR   O
Tyres 650/50-R22.5   O
Tyres 650/55-R26.5 radial   O
Tyres 710/50-R26.5   O
Tyres 750/45-R26.5   O
Chassis equipment Hitch Standard Optional
Rigid drawbar for top and bottom hitch X  
DIN drawbar eye 40 (Ø 40 mm) X  
Ball head K80 (Ø 80 mm)   O
Piton-Fix (for export only)   O
Swivelling drawbar eye 50 mm (Ø 50 mm) for export only   O
Supporting foot, hydraulic X  
2-speed Supporting foot         O
Chassis equipment Licensing Standard Optional
Total permissible weight 20,000 kg, drawbar load 2,000 kg X  
Total permissible weight 21000 kg, drawbar load 3000 kg up to 40 km/h   O
Permissible total weight 23000 kg, vertical load 3000 kg   O
40 km/h version with EC type approval and COC documents X  
Push-off container equipment Standard Optional
Bridge 7,100 mm x 2,380 mm (total length incl. 800 mm rear panel)  X  
Side panel elevation 300 mm aluminium   O
Hydraulic high-capacity rear panel (800 mm) with grain hatch (420 x 250 mm) X  
Mechanical side panel folding   O
Extendable ladder   O
Rear panel and side panels 2,000 mm high, with front grate extension X  
Rear panel and side panels 2,300 mm high, with front grate extension   O
Side panels painted outside   O
Hose holder on front side   O
Side panel elevation mechanically adjustable X  
Side panel elevation hydraulically adjustable   O
Pressure force control   O
Hydraulic sliding floor with circumferential polyurethane strips, optimal sealing, hose guide X  
Equipment safety Standard Optional
LED lighting 12 V 7-pin connector X  
LED light package   O
Protection package   O
Mechanical folding underride guard   O
Underride guard rigid, standard equipment with 40 km/h version with EC approval X  
Hydraulically folding underride guard   O
Reversing camera   O
Monitoring camera   O
Side marking lights   O
Clearance Lights   O
Spot lights   O
Beacon light   O
LED working lights   O
Load securing equipment Standard Optional
Sliding tarpaulin, controllable from the ground   O
Speed Cover roll net   O
Toplift light hydraulic folding roof   O
TopLift hydraulic folding roof   O
Misc. equipment Standard Optional
PTO drive   O
Lubrication block on 2 lubrication points for tandem chassis   O
Pressure valve   O
Hydraulic lines for grain overloading auger   O
Hydraulic lines for spreader mechanism   O