The all-rounder for arable and grassland

The Vario Disc slurry injector from Fliegl was developed together with farmers - true to our motto born from practice. Thanks to the unique and sophisticated system, you can use the Fliegl Vario Disc very flexibly on both arable and grassland. With the help of the diagonally arranged discs, the soil is opened, in the same train the slurry flows into the resulting slot. Especially in grassland, the slot process offers the perfect opportunity to place the manure under the turf in order to minimise nutrient losses. The Fliegl screw distributor ensures top results in the transverse and longitudinal distribution.

  • Can be used on all types of soil

  • Adjustable feeler wheels for optimum depth guidance

  • Equipped with the proven Fliegl screw distributor

  • High operational safety with changing soil conditions

  • Sturdy, galvanised frame

  • Low weight due to single-disc principle

  • Excellent injection of manure - no manure on the soil surface

  • Excellent system for grass and arable land

  • Adjustable disc inclination angle

  • Best ground adaptation through disc holder made of spring steel

  • High operating speeds of up to 13 km/h possible

  • Sturdy angular contact roller bearings

  • Low maintenance

Highly versatile

The Fliegl Vario Disc features a wide range of applications. The inclination angle of the discs can be adjusted step by step. This feature is highly significant especially with changing soil types and with different application rates, since the substrate flows completely into the soil through the Vario Disc. The slurry can flow directly to the discs in the resulting opening without deviations.

The disc distance of the device is 250 mm. A specially designed spring steel on the disc holders guarantees a high operating disc pressure even when the soil is dry.


SSG 30 SSG 60 SSG 71
Arbeitsbreiten m 3 5.65 7.15
Anzahl der Scheiben/Ausläufe 11 22 28
Anzahl der Scheibenreihen 1 1 1
Scheibenabstand mm 250 250 250
Gewicht kg 850 1600 2100
Transportbreite mm 2750 2950 2950
Einklappung - hydraulisch hydraulisch