Low-loss slurry application

Precision, efficiency and high impact - three keywords that the Fliegl Garant drag hose spreader certainly meets. The slurry is applied directly to the ground with low emissions. The loss of ammonium nitrogen alone is reduced multiple times over through the near-surface strip-like output compared to widespread distribution with impact head or swivel manifold. By operating the discharge valve in combination with the hydraulic folding of the hoses on the headland, the slurry flow is stopped down to the last drop, guaranteeing an exact start and stop without any problems. The installed Fliegl screw distributor also ensures perfect cross and longitudinal distribution in the Garant.

  • Solid design but nevertheless low net weight through special frame and spreader construction

  • Specially tilted swivel joints ensure an extremely slim transport position and therefore good all round vision

  • Very narrow transport width of about 2,300 mm at the top

  • Automatic drip stop as the spreader is swivelled up

  • Outstanding slurry distribution, low maintenance and low oil requirement (max. 20l) thanks to the Fliegl screw distributor

  • No kinks on the outlet hoses when folding in/out, thanks to the special folding mechanism

  • Section control possible

  • Mechanical shut-off of individual hose outlets possible

  • Simple mounting directly on the tank possible

  • With automatic slope compensation as standard