Alpha Line pumping barrel - 14,000 to 20,000 L

The ALPHA Line Tandem drums have an extensive basic equipment. These barrels were designed for professional and intensive use and can be equipped with highly modern technical details. Protect the soil with the Fliegl ALPHA Line Tandem Drum! With an optional tire pressure control system or with the help of a telescopic first axle you reduce the soil pressure and avoid compaction. In addition, there is the option of hydraulic axle shifting to change the drawbar load at the rear of the tractor.

A specially developed drawbar design ensures maximum driving comfort, both in the field and during road travel.

Equipment alpha line - tandem

S = series | O = optional | X = not available
ALPHA Line Tandem (size)14000160001800020000
Container length (jacket) mm6500650065007000
Container diameter mm1700180019001900
Bottom hitch with K 80 (1)SSSS
Tiller suspension incl. drum tipping cylinder + drop support foot (PFW 2)SSSS
Compressed air with ALB (1 or 2)SSSS
Axle unit Jumbo Gigant PlusSSSS
Boogie SB axle unitOOOO
Axle unit with air suspensionOOOO
Axle unit with hydraulic suspensionOOOO
mechanical axle shiftSSSS
hydraulic axis shiftOOOO
first axis telescopicOOOO
Axle version 410 x 180SSSS
Caster steering (PFW 2)SSSS
Hydraulic forced steering (2)OOOO
tires 28 L 26SSSS
Tires 750/60 R 30.5OOOO
Tires 850/ 50 R 30.5 front 750/60 R 30.5 rearOOOO
Eccentric screw pump Armatec 4000 litersSSSS
Eccentric screw pump Wangen 4000 litersOOOO
Eccentric screw pump Armatec 6000 litersOOOO
Eccentric screw pump Wangen 6000 litersOOOO
Eccentric screw pump cheeks 7500 litersOOOO
Rotary lobe pump Vogelsang 6000 litersOOOO
6 inch intake valve with quick couplerSSSS
8 inch intake slide valve with quick couplerOOOO
Push cover 700 x 700 mm hydraulicOOOO
Mounting bracket for trailing shoe distributor and four-point hydraulicsSSSS
Level indicator Plexiglas 100 mm (PFW)SSSS
Four-point hydraulics (4500 kg)OOOO
Pump box incl. stone catcher (2)OOOO
Suction nozzle 8 inch (PFW)OOOO
Suction nozzle 8 inch (PFW centered)OOOO
Suction arm top 8 inch length 5000 mmOOOO
automatic pump switchingOOOO
Docking with riser pipe at the back top of the drumOOOO
Drum counter (D)OOOO
Top level indicatorOOOO
Hydraulic control block (PFW)OOOO
LED working lightOOOO
LED light packageOOOO
Climbing ladder (PFW)OOOO
Digital flow meterOOOO
Fliegl Slurry Tanker (Isobus slurry tanker control)OOOO
Preparation for NIR sensorOOOO
Tire pressure control systemOOOO
Lubrication blockOOOO

What distinguishes our alpha line tandem?