NIR Station - Nutrient measure station

Innovative and practical!  Two features that Fliegl has once again demonstrated with its own NIR station. Not only the farmer himself, but also ever stricter legal requirements demand exact insight into the ingredients of the slurry. Together with the Harvest Lab 3000 NIR sensor, the Fliegl flowmeter forms the heart of the station. After completing the measurement, you can conveniently view the analysed nutrient values on your laptop or tablet. Numerous mounting options for transport and a compact design guarantee a high level of mobility.

What characterises our NIR station?

  • The station is available in a 6 or 8 inch version
  • Prepared for the proven John Deere HarvestLab 3000 sensor 
  • Choice of cattle liquid manure, pig liquid manure or biogas fermentation
  • Owners, customers and vehicles can be created
  • Printer can be connected to print the reports
  • Low weight of approx. 350 kg 
  • Convenient data transmission via W-LAN router
  • Precise analysis of dry matter, total nitrogen N, ammonium nitrogen NH4-N, potassium K2O, phosphate P2O, volume, mass
  • Nutrient can be measured both during loading and unloading
  • Automatic measurement start/stop (sensor-based)