High pressure tank poly line - 6,000 to 11,000 L

The POLY Line single-axle tanks impress with their low net weight. The container is proudly made in Germany

from glass fibre reinforced plastic. Simple cleaning, a high payload and long service life are the hallmarks of this system.  

HFW poly Line equipment – single-axle

Poly Line single-axle (size)6000900011000
Container length (shell) in mm355035505050
Container height in mm157019501750
Top hitch with DIN drawbar eye (2)SSS
Supporting foot, hydraulicSSS
Telescopic axleXOO
Compressed air with ALB (5)SSS
Tyres 385/65 R 22.5SXX
Tyres 550/60 22.5 16 PROXX
Tyres 600/55-22.5 16 PROSX
Bereifung 710/45-22,5 16 PROOX
Tyres 560/60 R22.5XOO
Tyres 650/50 R 22.5XOS
Tyres 650/55 R 26.5OOO
Tyres 710/50 R 26.5OOO
Tyres 750/45 R 26.5OOO
Tyres 28 L 26XOO
Tyres 750/60 R30.5XOO
Tyres 850/50 R30.5XOO
Battioni 3500 litre centrifugal pumpSXX
Battioni 6500 litre centrifugal pumpOSS
Pressure line on the top right of the tank (P)SSS
Hydraulic push cover, 700 x 700 mmSSS
Level indicator above polyOOO
Four-point hydraulics (2000 kg p)XXO
Tank counter (D)OOO
Hydraulic control block (HFW)OOO
Docking with riser pipe (1)OOO
LED working lightsOOO
LED light packageXXO
Ladder (Poly 2)OOO
Purge line for centrifugal pump (stirring function 2)OOO
Hydraulically swivelling sprinkler nozzle (P)OOO
Digital flow meterOOO
Fliegl Slurry Tanker (ISOBUS slurry tank control)OOO
Preparation for NIR sensorOOO
Tyre pressure control system (2)OOO
Mounting bracket for four-point hydraulicsXXO