Smart Solutions | ASW 491

Smart Solution equipment Standard Optional
Fliegl Weighing System FWS ISOBUS   O
Fliegl Trailer Control FTC with load sensing control blocks    
Comfort package for trailer control    
Additional package for Fliegl Trailer Control: Rear panel locking indicator    
ISOBUS wire harness, connecting cable according to ISO 11783 for in-cab socket    
Bluetooth thermal printer for FWS weighing system    
External display for FWS weighing system    
Fliegl Tracker: Vehicle detection for FWS, each with 1 iBeacon for transport vehicle and harvester    
A3 universal terminal 4.3” colour touchscreen with 8 control buttons, scroll wheel    
CCI-50 ISOBUS universal terminal 5.6” colour touch screen with 12 control buttons    
CCI-200 ISOBUS universal terminal 8.4” colour touch screen with 12 control buttons