Body/misc. | ULW 40

Structural equipmentStandardOptional
Transfer height approx. 4300 mmX 
Screw diameter 400 mm, overload capacity approx. 7.5 to per minX 
Transfer auger diameter 500mm. Overloading rate approx. 10 to / min O
Roller cover with platform O
Viewing window in bulkheadX 
Discharge chute adjustable hydraulically O
Dosing hose - hose top piece Ø 150 mm O
Fliegl weighing system ISOBUS, compatible with all ISOBUS enabled displays, precise weighing possible only when horizontal and stopped O
A3 universal terminal 4.3” colour touchscreen with 8 control buttons O
CCI-50 ISOBUS universal terminal 5.6” colour touch screen with 12 control buttons O
Bluetooth thermal printer for FWS weighing system O