Top performance during harvesting peaks with the Fliegl transfer trailer VARIO with crawler chassis

In the harvesting system, the Fliegl VARIO transfer trailer is a true champion. It increases the threshing performance by up to 30%, thus minimizing downtimes of the harvester and at the same time protecting the ground with its ingenious crawler track.

"Time is money" Benjamin Franklin said in 1748. Today, this statement is more relevant than ever in agriculture. It is particularly true in the grain harvest because farms and combines are becoming more and more efficient. They manage ever larger quantities in less and less time. It is however unfavorable if the corresponding transport vehicles and their unloading and loading processes do not follow this progress. Then the whole development towards high-performance combine harvesters has very little benefit since their full potential cannot be used. A large transport volume would of course help, if it wasn’t for the problem of ground pressure. Does that mean you have to make a decision - exploit full performance or protect the soil?

No, Fliegl's transfer trailer VARIO with crawler chassis is the ideal transport vehicle in order to work economically and at the same time in a sustainable way.

In addition, soil protection speaks for the use of the transfer trailer since each minute of waiting also means a longer load on the ground and the more the combine harvester has to bunker, the more weight it has on the ground at certain points. The system of the transfer trailer therefore ensures the highest level of soil protection. In order to further reduce ground pressure, Fliegl now also offers a crawler chassis. Thanks to the unique design with 24 balancing rollers, it offers the best ground adaptation. In addition, the track of 800 mm, the chassis height of 1050 mm and the chassis length of 3800 mm have a positive effect on the soil structure. Also, this design significantly increases the traction and simultaneously reduces the diesel consumption. The reason for this is above all a lower driving resistance. Due to the low resistance, the vehicle also runs quieter in the terrain, which also increases the ride comfort. In addition, the crawler outclasses the tire even on slopes due to its stability.

Fliegl offers six different models from 20 to 45 cbm. The Fliegl transfer trailer VARIO has a very high transfer capacity of up to 10 t per minute depending on the type. This performance is achieved with the help of a feeding auger and a transfer-loading auger. Both augers are mechanically driven by a cardan shaft. The feeding auger runs horizontally underneath the trailer in the direction of travel. Thanks to this design, the transfer trailer VARIO has a very low center of gravity and is thus extremely stable. The feeding auger transports the load to the transfer auger. This is done with little power consumption since the gradient of the screw increases in the direction of travel. As a result, the material is first transferred in the front area before the material is transported from the rear part of the vehicle to the transfer auger. Hence, less material displacement means less power consumption and less breakage of the grains. In addition, a dosing slider on the feeding screw also ensures a saving in driving force. The gate valve is connected to a visual display which informs the driver of the position of the slider.

Two large windows are integrated in the front wall of the Fliegl transfer trailer VARIO. This provides a perfect view into the inside so that the filling level can be optimally controlled.

Legislation on field and road trailer widths often varies from region to region. The Fliegl transfer trailer VARIO has width-adjustable side walls. For road trips, these can be reduced to 2.55 m in width. However, in the the field, as much volume as possible is required. Therefore, the width can be extended up to 3 m.

Optionally, a hydraulic discharge plate can be attached to the transfer auger. With the help of the ejection plate, the grain flow can be exactly controlled. This guarantees a precise transfer-loading. In addition, load securing is a quality and loss protection. Here, a roll-up tarpaulin can be attached which is easy to operate from the ground.

In order to simplify the filling of seed drills having large working widths, Fliegl offers a seed auger which can be attached to the transfer auger and represents an extension of the transfer auger. Thanks to the dosing slider on the horizontal feeding auger, it is always possible to transfer the exact amount. The seed auger, having a length of 6m, is mechanically pivotable. It is hydraulically driven and has a transfer capacity of around 120 t per hour.

Another important factor is the documentation of the harvested crop and the traceability of the food chain. For this purpose, Fliegl Agrartechnik offers the weighing system FWS ISOBUS for transfer vehicles which ensures accurate weighing data with the help of digital CAN bus weighing cells. Thanks to the optionally integrated printer, the data can also be printed directly and immediately on the field. No detours to the next weighbridge are needed anymore. Even in sloping terrain, the FWS ISOBUS weighing system works extremely accurately, quickly and without recalibration. With this technology, transport routes as well as loading and unloading processes are completely recorded. This ensures a perfect overview of the harvested quantities. In addition, a tracking system can optionally be integrated on the Fliegl transfer trailer VARIO, which was awarded with a silver medal by the DLG for its innovation in 2015 and took second place in the 2016 Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards. With the help of the Fliegl Tracker, the entire harvest chain from the field to the grain warehouse can be documented, thus ensuring the quality of the goods.

The transport trailer is relevant not only on large farms. Even for small-scale farms, higher threshing performance and reduced soil compaction are the main reasons for purchasing a transfer trailer. As combine harvesters are smaller and thus their hopper volume is smaller as well, the use of the transfer trailer VARIO makes sense. In addition, the transfer trailers are also used for filling sowing machines. The Fliegl transfer trailer VARIO therefore improves the harvesting process in many situations and thus makes agricultural management easier.