TAURUS - a strong animal in transport

The Fliegl ASW series is growing: TAURUS is the ace in transport in terms of its size, loading capacity and robustness

Efficiency is an important parameter in agriculture - especially in silage transport, a large loading capacity is an advantage. The cultivated land per farmer or contractor is steadily increasing. As a result, the distances to be covered between the fields and the farmsteads are becoming larger as well. The challenge here is the transport of the silage material and at the same time to avoid downtimes of the shredder.

Fliegl now offers the new ASW TAURUS especially for silage transport. With its 2.30 meters sidewalls and a capacity of 45 m³ for the tandem axle version and 50 m³ for the tridem axle version, it is a true transport giant. It compensates for the challenge by its size. The TAURUS also convinces with its standard high equipment which includes a continuous hydraulically suspended towing device with comfortably adjustable trailer height. The integrated slim towbar from the Fliegl heavy duty product line is a guarantor for the best steering angle. The chassis offers maximum ride comfort in all situations, also thanks to the hydraulic suspension from BPW which provides the best comfort on the road and maximum stability and steadiness on side slopes. The 410 x 180 axle version also guarantees high load capacity and braking performance. In addition to the hydraulic suspension and large brake drums, also the tires with a maximum of 800/45 R 26.5 ensure optimum stability and the best possible weight distribution and soil protection.

As an innovative manufacturer, Fliegl also offers full-LED technology for taillights. The safety factor of the Fliegl Dynamic Tail Light is enormously high compared to conventional taillights. On the one hand, it convinces with its impact-resistant material, which guarantees a long service life. On the other hand, the tail light is equipped with a dynamic indicator, which builds up in segments from the inside to the outside. Thus, the turning direction is even more clearly visible. Furthermore, an intelligent switching unit ensures a legally compliant indicator failure check.

To maintain the cleanliness of the machine and the road and to ensure safety for man and machine, the Fliegl Protect Package was developed. On the one hand, it has a plastic mudguard and plastic rear apron for significantly less road surface contamination due to less dirt adhesion. On the aluminum strip above the fender, a small canopy made of plastic is attached. This provides a better and faster slipping of material in the field already and also minimizes the risk of injury. On the other hand, profile fillers are included in the Protect package. These close all cavities of the side segments and thus guarantee easy cleaning and no road pollution.

In addition, a hydraulic underrun protection provides safety. When opening the large-capacity rear wall, the underrun protection automatically folds upwards. Subsequently, the load can be pushed off unhindered. After unloading the underride protection folds out again. Thanks to this system, no material can accumulate on the underrun protection. This keeps the road clear of harvested crops.

Anyone who might have reservations that the Fliegl TAURUS also has a high price due to its high equipment is wrong. Since the out-of-the-box configuration of the vehicle already has a high-level standard equipment, but at the same time less options and accessories available, we are able to offer an attractive price. Load securing is for example optionally available and you may choose between the Toplift Light and the SpeedCover.

The Fliegl ASW TAURUS is available in two versions. One is the ASW 281 TAURUS with tandem chassis and two braking axles. Here, a total weight of 23 t or 24 t with ball-head suspension is permissible. In addition, the ASW TAURUS is available as a 391 with tridem chassis and three braking axles. This type has a permissible total weight of 31 t.

The new Fliegl ASW Taurus is the solution for large-volume silage transport.