Less contamination, more infiltration!

Practical solutions for agricultural engineering are not only created in the design office! They often develop from conversations with farmers and their needs. Fliegl Agrartechnik has taken care of one of those needs and reacts to it with the new Fliegl trailing shoe discharge outlet TWIN.

The topic of forage contamination in grassland due to possible remnants of the applied liquid manure is of concern to many farmers and it is not only influenced by the weather, the viscosity of the substrate and the cutting time but also by the slurry application technique. It is well known that ground-level manure spreading causes less forage contamination than wide-spreading systems but under certain circumstances remains or crusts of the manure bands of the drag hose and trailing shoe may be left behind. The new trailing shoe outlet TWIN from Fliegl minimizes these residues!

The system consists of Y-shaped divided trailing shoe outlet nozzles. Y-shaped in this case means that the number of applying trailing shoe outlet nozzles is twice as high as the number of outlet holes on the auger box. The liquid manure is distributed evenly and with the utmost precision to the outlet hoses with the help of the auger distributor. At the end of the hose, the jet of slurry is split at the Y-nozzle TWIN. It is possible to retrofit the TWIN to existing Fliegl trailing shoe distributors.

By splitting the flow of liquid manure, TWIN doubles the amount of the applied slurry bands and at the same time the amount of manure per slurry band is halved. The band distance is halved from 250 mm to 125 mm whilst the net weight of the trailing shoe distributor almost remains the same. With the TWIN, the weight of the trailing shoe distributor Skate increases only slightly by approx. 2 kg per meter working width while halving the band distance. Especially in wet and swampy soil conditions, a low weight of the attached trailing shoe distributor is extremely important. The positive result is less damage to the soil structure.

Comparison standard trailing shoe outlet nozzle to Fliegl trailing outlet shoe nozzle TWIN

The basically economic system of the trailing shoe distributor, which is characterized mainly by the enormous area output at relatively low investment costs per meter working width, is maintained by the TWIN. In addition, the efficiency of manure spreading is increased and a lower loss rate of ammonium nitrogen saves costs for mineral fertilizer.

Furthermore, the trailing shoe distributor gains added value by the perfected application of liquid manure, because the infiltration of the substrate can be better achieved. This is ensured in particular since a single slurry band contains only half of the substrate. Highest precision combined with a phenomenal lateral and longitudinal distribution complete the work pattern.

Not only the increase in nitrogen utilization, but also the increase in cutting frequency in grassland speaks for more efficiency. With other distribution systems, as for example the application with drag hoses, a longer time is needed until the last slurry crusts have largely disappeared.

In addition, the TWIN promises a reduction in forage contamination. By reducing forage contamination, the grass ensiling process can be done without any problems. A bad fermentation process in the silo can lead to mould and rot of the silage. This has a negative impact on animal health. It is not uncommon that the fertility of cows suffers from a lack in forage quality. The consequences are performance loss, decreasing useful life and above all increased veterinary costs due to pathogenic toxins. The trailing shoe outlet nozzle TWIN reduces forage contamination and protects animal health.

Thick manure bands are a thing of the past with the Fliegl TWIN!