Innovative technological symbiosis receives DLG silver medal

The networking of the Beacon Fliegl COUNTER HD with ISOMAX creates new synergies

Documentation and traceability is a topic that is becoming increasingly important also in agriculture. Especially in the production of food, a complete record of the production chain is a must. But the appropriate documentation technology is also decisive for checking in-house processes and economic efficiency. However, documentation solutions for micro and small businesses are often not feasible due to high costs. Insufficient inferences on working hours used or area performance of attachments make a valuation uncertain.

During Agritechnica 2017, Fliegl presented the intelligent beacons Counter HD and Counter SX. Already then, they convinced the jury and achieved a silver medal at the Innovation Award. As early as 2017, Fliegl had announced an upgrade to the new Bluetooth 5 technology which is now available for the Counter HD and already on the market for over a year. The Counter SX will follow shortly.

Now, the beacon inspires with new skills: From now on, the beacon will be able to communicate not only with the smartphone, but also with ISOBUS. The result: the silver medal awarded by the AGRITECHNICA Novelty Commission.

The basic principle of the innovative beacon remains the same. It combines the beacon technology with an acceleration sensor and a memory. In a variety of processes, it can meaningfully generate, store and pass on data. Fliegl COUNTER HD is universally applicable - the beacon can provide useful data in different situations, on different vehicles and devices and in different work processes. The beacon is not limited to specific processes in agriculture and not even to the application in agriculture itself. Mounted on a work tool, it recognizes when work is being done and what is being worked on - all by itself. The beacon can store and document this information not only with time data but also with location data and provide it in real time or subsequently.

Exactly in this last aspect is where the absolute innovation lies. Previously, the data was available via Sigfox or via a smart app. In future, however, the data could also be stored in other programs such as Agrirouter. This will be possible by networking the Fliegl COUNTER HD and ISOMAX from AGXTEND. Since the Fliegl COUNTER HD is able to send Bluetooth signals, ISOMAX can establish an interface between Bluetooth and WLAN and thus store the data of the beacon on the Agrirouter, for example. This provides a perfect overview and improves long-term economic efficiency.