Generation SKATE 2.0: a new dimension of manure spreading

Agriculture is being discussed so often these days with regard to the environment and sustainability. The issue of manure plays a major role here, because there are major discrepancies between politics, society and agriculture concerning this matter. As of 2020, only manure application near ground level will be permitted on cultivated farm land according to the Fertilizer Ordinance. However, this is already practiced in many places. Fliegl offers various techniques in this respect. Especially, the Fliegl trailing shoe distributor SKATE is a real fast seller. Yet, stagnation means regression. That's why Fliegl is now presenting the trailing shoe distributor SKATE 2.0 with many improvements and additions.

In 2016, the proven Fliegl trailing shoe SKATE was introduced. Since then, around 1700 pieces have been sold. In doing so, Fliegl gained a lot of experience through close cooperation with practitioners and implemented it in SKATE 2.0.

Time management in farming is a high priority because the areas are getting bigger and the time windows in which certain work can be done thereby smaller and smaller. As a result, the folding speed of the SKATE 2.0 has been shortened by one third. In the long run, the farmer can thus save a great deal of time.

A highlight of the relaunch is the optional collision protection. With the SKATE 2.0, both ends of the trailing shoe distributor can now be mechanically folded together. On the one hand, this offers more safety for people and equipment. On the other hand, the working width can be reduced as well. For example, with the SKATE 2.0 150, the working width can be reduced from 15 m to 12 m. This makes it possible to drive on different tramline widths.

In addition, two genuine innovations from Fliegl can optionally be integrated with the SKATE 2.0. On the one hand, the screw distributor FlexFlow which offers the possibility of adjusting the application rate by moving the half shell on the auger box. As a result, the discharge openings of the outer half-shell are completely covered, partially covered or completely unblocked thanks to the outlet openings of the inner half-shell. In this way, the manure output can be controlled based on the variable hole size and does not have to be regulated by the driving speed. Best distribution accuracy at practical driving speeds is only one positive consequence of FlexFlow. The principle of application rate adjustment is suitable for the use with all possible tanks systems such as. e.g. pump, vacuum or high pressure tank. In addition, with FlexFlow not only manure or digestates but also residues from ethanol production such as vinasse can be applied to the field.

Furthermore, Fliegl has developed a system that significantly minimizes the problem of forage contamination due to residues or crusts from the manure bands of drag hoses and trailing shoes: Fliegl TWIN. The system consists of Y-shaped divided trailing shoe outlet nozzles. Y-shaped in this case means that TWIN splits the jet of slurry and thereby doubles the amount of applied slurry bands and at the same time the amount of manure per slurry band is halved. The band distance is reduced from 250 mm to 125 mm whilst the net weight of the trailing shoe distributor almost remains the same. Result: less contamination, more infiltration.

Furthermore, the Fliegl SKATE 2.0 makes it possible to save the desired working position. This is especially beneficial when driving in tall catch crops. The lifting height at the headland can also be set as desired using the Comfort Easy control.

With the new SKATE 2.0 generation, manure spreading becomes more efficient and comfortable.