News from the Fliegl Training Center

Our metal workers in their first year of apprenticeship have been regularly spending their working days at the FTC since September. They proudly present their first two projects.

Under the professional instruction of the technical training manager Andreas Steininger, they planned and manufactured a flame cutting table which is now used for practice purposes. The trainees also perfectly mastered project number two, from the technical drawing to the final result. They built a shelf for the metal pieces which now provides for order in the FTC.

“The good thing about the FTC is that we learn the activities of a metalworker from scratch but there is also room for our own ideas as well as for mistakes. Of course, it is particularly fun to work with modern technology here at the FTC. Our trainer Andreas takes the time to explain the work to us in detail and in a comprehensible manner ”, says Kilian Zack, trainee metal worker in his first year of apprenticeship.