Big, bigger, Bigfoot - in action in the Münsterland region!

Almost a year ago we presented the Bigfoot slurry tanker for the first time during the “Manure day” in Triesdorf. It is characterized by low soil pressure and best load distribution and is therefore a specialist for soils with high water content.

Since the tanker is based on the proven Fliegl Alpha Line, the Bigfoot tanker has two major advantages. First of all, it is equipped with a hydraulic axle suspension. With this type of aggregate, the wheel load is optimally distributed. It offers the best ground following as well as a high level of driving comfort, even on slopes. Also, the special Y-drawbar design is used here, which additionally creates optimal comfort when driving.

Such a Bigfoot tanker has been in use in Lower Saxony for some time and is now facing the challenges of the swampy fields of the Münsterland region.