The drive solution with intelligence –
DriveX drive axle

The Story

Push-off trailers are now available with an intelligent drive solution: the driveX drive axle.

This drive system represents a significant addition to the Fliegl push-off trailers.

The driveX technology offers users numerous advantages:

  • Additional drive power: The driveX drive axle enables extended drive power of up to 90 kW, which is particularly important in demanding off-road conditions and under heavy operating conditions.
  • Convenient operation: The driveX drive axle is operated via the ISOBUS terminal, which ensures intuitive and user-friendly control. Activated once by the operator, the system automatically adapts the speed and direction of travel of the drive axle to the towing vehicle.
  • Hill start aid: The driveX drive axle offers support when starting on inclines, especially in demanding topographical situations.
  • The built-in radial piston motor provides additional driving power if required. This flexible solution adapts to requirements and enables drive power to be increased as needed to cope with difficult operating conditions.
  • Own on-board hydraulics: The integrated on-board hydraulic system ensures maximum performance is achieved, regardless of the towing vehicle.

Thoroughly impressive

The slurry goes to a distribution box that is fed via an 8-inch pipe. From there it is directed into the individual sections, which are equipped with a total of 6 auger distribution boxes. In this model, these boxes are also made of durable stainless steel, which promises a long service life even in intensive practical use. Foreign bodies are selected by the integrated screws in the storage boxes provided.

The construction of the linkage was so sophisticated that the struts are arranged in a spiral structure. This means that all resulting forces can be optimally distributed evenly on both distribution arms and the middle section of the SKATEMASTER 300.   

What was important to the designer when developing the SKATEMASTER 300 was the implementation of tidy hose routing for all lines - both slurry-carrying lines and hydraulic lines.

Best mobility
even under difficult conditions

The Story

Improved agricultural performance and efficiency and reduced operating costs

driveX improves the mobility of Fliegl push-off trailers even under difficult conditions. The additional wheel drive ensures constant speed, reduced slip and improved performance on soft soils or on slopes, which helps protect the soil. This allows the use of less powerful tractors, which is not only cost-effective but also leads to fuel savings.

Furthermore, the driveX drive axle offers a wide range of possible uses and adaptability thanks to its design and features such as mechanical freewheeling (without additional hydraulics), the option of a differential lock and a robust, compact design. It allows the drive technology to be tailored to different needs.

The integration of the driveX into the Fliegl push-off trailers is a development that promises improved performance and efficiency in agriculture, while at the same time reducing operating costs.