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The ultrasonic control allows perfect close-to-the-ground application.

The distribution of liquid manure on a new level: Fliegl SlurryJib

Organic fertiliser is only effective and efficient when it is spread close to the ground. In order to provide clever soil-close spreading, you need a strong manure trailer technique but also particularly a strong liquid manure distribution technique. With Fliegl SlurryJib, the active rod-operated manure distributor, Fliegl raises soil-close spreading through trailing shoe technique to a new level. What is new is its height guidance via ultrasonic sensors, its entire steel framework structure, its shock absorption capacity, its lightness.

Fliegl‘s active rod-operated manure distributor SlurryJib uses ultrasonic sensors: they enable the distance to the ground to be measured and automatically adjusted in an optimal way. In his tractor, the driver sets the desired boom height; the ultrasonic wave measurement continuously makes the appropriate adjustment through active monitoring. Rough terrain is no longer an issue, Fliegl‘s active rod-operated manure distributor always lies flat. It means that the liquid manure will always be distributed onto the ground in compliance with the law. Thanks to an ultrasonic control, the trailing shoe’s contact pressure will be set to an ideal 8-10 kg per shoe.

Conventional rod assemblies are too heavy and sluggish to allow an adjustment to the terrain with ultrasound in the necessary speed. This is the reason why Fliegl has developed a brand new rod-operated manure distributor: its latticework steel structure is based on a triangle structure and is divided into four module-based separate elements, (right and left foldable with extensions). The nozzle bar is divided in two parts and can be swivelled in each direction. The frame acts as manure pipe, it means that the liquid manure is directly pressed into the frame’s galvanised inner side.

The rod assembly is not suspended to the manure trailer in the usual fixed and rigid position via a middle joint, but it is hung up through wire ropes. Altogether, at least four highly effective wire cables act as shock absorbers– so far they have been used in the military sector, such application in the agricultural sector is an innovation. The wire cables shock absorbers that are between the slurry tanker and the main frame dampen vertical, horizontal and curve movements, so that all working forces on the rod assembly are alleviated.

The shock absorption enables Fliegl to build his active rod-operated manure distributor SlurryJib innovatively light. It is 1.5 tonnes lighter than other rod assemblies.

That means, on the one hand, a noticeably reduced maximum vehicle mass, an improved vehicle handling, less tyre wear, lower fuel consumption which means conservation of resources; on the other, a significant reduced soil compaction.

Fliegl SlurryJib implements on-going compliance with the required rod assembly’s distance to the ground. That means that manure loss is reduced. Emissions stay minimal. Disturbing odours are even better dealt with. Thanks to ideal soil-close spreading, nutrient efficiency is improved. The driver’s workload- however- remains minimal: the height being adjusted only once, he can concentrate fully on the soil-close spreading. All these advantages make Fliegl SlurryJib an innovation in liquid manure distribution technique.