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Trailing shoe spreader »Skate«

Trailing shoe distributor from Fliegl

Thanks to its special construction, the new trailing shoe distributor „Skate“ is the perfect distributor for every manure tanker. The „Skate“ allows a less crop-damaging manure application on both, grassland as well as farmland. The proven Fliegl screw distributor with its short discharge hoses ensures an even manure distribution across the entire width.

With the „SKATE“, the crops remain clean and soiling of the leaves is prevented. This results in a better milk quality and a higher feed intake.

Ideal dimensions for improved road safety

Thanks to the specially angled and not vertical swivel joints, an extremely narrow transport width of under 2.3 m in the road safety related upper area is achieved. With its very small transport width and the extremely low installation height of the distributor, driving the „Skate“ becomes even safer: Through the rearview mirrors, the happenings on the sides of the vehicle can constantly be observed. Furthermore, the filling dome can be easily reached which makes the filling from above more comfortable. Due to its unique construction, the „Skate“ can be mounted directly to the manure tanker. By swiveling up the trailing shoes, soiling of headland, roads and service roads is prevented.

Simply a strong construction

Thanks to a special folding mechanism, the discharge hoses are not
bent when they are swiveled up and inwards which increases their
service life. Automatic slope compensation provides a perfect ground adaption. The standard comfort control system „EASY“ relieves the driver and provides more work safety when spreading manure.

Technical data

Typen SKATE 90 SKATE 120 SKATE 150
Working width in meters 9 12 15
Hose distance in mm 250 250 250
Leaf springs (exact outlet guide) Standard Standard Standard
Transport width (top/bottom) in mm 2300 / 2600 2300 / 2600 2300 / 2600
Comfort control (1 double-acting connection necessary) Standard Standard Standard
Number of outlets 36 48 60
Weight in kg 1050 1250 1480

Perfect for grass and farmland

• Robust design, yet low own weight due to special construction of frame and distributor
• No loss of drawbar load since the trailing shoe distributor rests completely on the ground
• High coulter pressure of 6 – 8 kg per trailing shoe
• Individual height adjustment of trailing shoe distributor possible
• Automatic slope compensation as standard
• Specially inclined swivel joints provide an extremely narrow transport position and thus a good all-round view
• Very small transport width of approx. 2.300mm at the top
• Automatic drip stop by swivelling up the rods via comfort control
• Excellent manure distribution, low-maintenance and low oil consumption due to the Fliegl screw distributor
• Thanks to the special folding mechanism, the hoses are not bent when they are folded in and out
• Spring-loaded trailing shoes for optimum adaption to the ground
• Mecanical or hydraulic boom section control availabe
• Mechanical shut-off of single hoses possible
• Simple mounting directly to tanker, also with older models
• Standard comfort control with automatic folding system and headland function (1 double-acting connection necessary)
• ISOBUS control possible (LS connection necessary)
• Narrow hose distance of 250 mm and thus ideal for grassland and farmland
• No soiling of the leaves – thus better forage quality

Comfort control

• The standard comfort control system relieves the driver and prevents operating errors.
• With the push of a button, the distribution functions are switched one by one.
• The ergonomic control panel is backlit and can be separated from the cable by a plug connector and thus stay in the tractor.
• Folding of the distributor booms is monitored via sensors in every position and a synchronized and damped folding, even on slopes, is thereby possible.
• With pump tankers, the position of the three-way valve (open/close) is visually displayed on the control panel.

Automatic folding system

The distributor. . .
• lifts itself from the mechanical transport safety device
• folds back the distributor booms
• lowers into the operating position

Automatic application system
• Gate valve opens
• Spreading augers start operating

Automatic headland function
• Spreading auger stops
• Gate valve closes
• Distributor swings up

Control via ISOBUS

There are three different modes: Road, farm and field operation. The reason for this is that in certain modes, only certain functions are available. In the farm mode, which is intended for filling, it is for example possible to not activate the three-way valve at the back. Unwanted malfunctions are thus excluded. The Field mode contains one or more screen pages depending on
the number of functions the manure tanker has.

• Increases operational comfort and operational safety when fertilizing.
• The control system uses the existing ISOBUS display and makes an additional control panel in the tractor unnecessary.
• It is compatible with the ISOBUS display (AEF certificate).
• Since the Fliegl Slurry Tanker (FST) only needs three hoses between tractor and trailer, attaching and detaching is really simple.
• Load sensing able as standard

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