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To make weighing more accurate, on any kind of vehicle:

The Fliegl Axle Weighing System (AWS)

Accurate digital weighing data is more important than ever. It is the basis for complete transport documentation, for example in harvesting, and provides clarity in accounting especially for agricultural contractors; it allows a much better exploitation of loading capacities and prevents overcharging. In short: precise weighing means ensuring legal compliance and working efficiently.

With its FWS weighing system, Fliegl has been setting standards for a long time. The weighing system which operates with a double frame currently provides the best accuracy of measurement. However, it is not upgradable. This is where Fliegl’s latest innovation comes into play: the Fliegl Axle Weighing System (AWS) is the first upgradable digital weighing system that provides highly accurate weighing data. Fliegl AWS can be used on numerous vehicles, on which previously, a sufficiently precise weighing was not possible, thus expanding the range of applications of digital weighing technology. Fliegl AWS is also capable of separately displaying axle load and drawbar load which so far has not been possible either. Fliegl has applied for patent protection for the Axle Weighing System.

Another innovative feature is the structure. The Fliegl Axle Weighing System comprises several weighing elements: one weighing element for measuring at shear will be installed between drawbar eye and drawbar. Two weighing elements per axle that measure at compression are installed between axle and spring. The processing unit is integrated into the digital weighing cells; the data transfer to the towing vehicle and computer takes place via ISOBUS. Fliegl AWS offers simple diagnostic options.

The system measures digitally, it does not need any additional frame, any distribution box, any hydraulic or pneumatic suspension or recalibration. Fliegl does not use wear parts in order to realise the weighing process and in that respect reduces the repair effort in case of wear (e.g. of the towing eye) since the electronics are not affected.

Another innovative feature is the universality: the Fliegl Axle Weighing System can be used on vehicles of all manufacturers since the design of the vehicle is largely irrelevant. The Fliegl AWS can be combined with all leaf-sprung vehicles and various hitches (Piton Fix, ball coupling, hitch).

Another innovative feature is the accuracy: the Fliegl AWS delivers significantly more accurate weighing data than competing systems. While the measurement inaccuracy of indirectly measuring systems based on hydraulic or pneumatic suspension is about three percent, the measurement inaccuracy of the Fliegl AWS is below one percent.

The Fliegl AWS allows for a separate individual indication of the drawbar load and axle load which is a genuine innovation and important safety aspect at the same time: it is a violation of applicable provisions if the bearing load is too high even if the vehicle is not overloaded. The same also applies if the axle load is too high, even on one axis only. Both scenarios can be easily prevented by the Fliegl AWS.

The Fliegl Axle Weighing System (AWS) is the first retrofit weighing system that offers the highest precision. It can be retrofitted in compact push-off-trailers, aluminium push-off-trailers, dump trucks and also in vehicles from other manufacturers; its accuracy remains unchanged.