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Sigfox receiver mounted at Fliegl

Since the beginning of March, Fliegl has its own Sigfox radio mast, thereby simplifying the use of the Fliegl COUNTER SX in agriculture.

Sigfox is a French telecommunications company which builds a worldwide wireless network that wirelessly connects billions of small devices, such as the Fliegl COUNTER SX beacon, with the Internet and sends their data directly into a cloud. Sigfox thus creates a basis for the "Internet of Things". The devices send small amounts of data at intervals to a Sigfox base station which then forwards them to a database of the respective recipient.

The Sigfox wireless technology with a low frequency of 868 megahertz reaches a maximum range of up to 40 kilometers which is suitable for a use in agriculture without “dead zones”. Sigfox works with triple coverage so that a data packet is received from up to three Sigfox stations. The communication is bidirectional so that data can also be transferred to the beacon. There is no need for a SIM card. The power consumption is very low just as the lifetime costs for the internet access of the beacon.