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Review: Field Days "Golden Niva" in Russia

The Field Days in Kuban, a region of southern Russia, traditionally herald the upcoming harvest season. This year, the "Golden Niva" took place from May 22 to 25 in Ust Labinsk, Krasnodarskiy Kraj. More than 350 exhibitors from 42 regions of Russia and 16 countries presented their best products and novelties on an area of approximately 60 hectares.

Fliegl chose to present the technology, which is particularly suitable for use in the region of southern Russia: The transfer trailer Vario 30 equipped with the ÜLS 400 universal transfer auger can be used for transfer and transport, thus increasing efficiency and productivity during harvesting. But that's not all! Fliegl offers its customers numerous additional options, such as the Fliegl Weighing System FWS which ensures a complete record of the transport route, as well as the loading and unloading operations. With the help of beacons and the Fliegl tracker system you have the whole transport chain under control. Another indispensable aid is the sugar beet transfer belt "Ruby" which offers many advantages and guarantees better performance in sugar beet harvesting. In addition, products from the Fliegl Agro-Center were presented: The "Woodking Classic", a hydraulic branch saw for front, wheel and telescopic loaders, which has been used by municipal service providers and farmers for years as well as a silage compaction roller.