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Plastic-coated, strain-relieved, dense, robust

A connection that lasts: The new Fliegl Connectors

High-tech in agricultural vehicles becomes increasingly common. No new tractor can do without a computer. As much as new on-board systems are important, their functionality problems often lie in the details. No matter how intelligent the new on-board computer may be, when its operation fails due to cable or plug connections of inferior quality, it is not usable. The entire electronics of a modern tractor is dependent on hardware components and cable connections of good quality.

Therefore, Fliegl has developed new plug connectors that are superior in durability and robustness compared to all conventional connectors. A connector is only a small part of the total on-board technology but it can become a major nuisance if it does not work properly. Or it can just work permanently and reliably – Fliegl’s products are designed not only to be innovative but also to work in practice.

The new generation of  Fliegl connectors includes the In-Cab camera connector, the In-Cab ISOBUS connector, the three-pole plug connector and the signal connector.

All of them are plastic-molded and therefore very durable. The PVC coating not only serves the general robustness of the connector, it also creates dust-tightness. There are no cavities in which dust or dirt could accumulate and deposit. In addition, all new Fliegl connectors have a strong, effective strain relief. Both features result in a significantly increased service life. The sturdy, durable, practicable design turns the Fliegl connectors into genuine innovative products.

The  Fliegl  In-Cab camera connector corresponds to the standard developed by the AEF (Agricultural Industries Electronics Foundation) and will be installed by tractor manufacturers in the future. It is the first In-Cab camera connector which is plastic-molded, protected against being pulled out and dustproof. Unlike other connectors, it is much more resistant.

A defective ISOBUS plug can shut down the whole tractor. The quality of the ISOBUS components plays a crucial role. Therefore, Fliegl has developed an innovative  In-Cab ISOBUS connector which is newly designed and combines quality, robustness and durability. In addition to the ISOUBUS connector, Fliegl has developed matching extensions and T-splices that will considerably simplify the ISOBUS retrofit in general. With the help of the Fliegl products, it is technically quite possible to connect two monitors or one monitor and a joystick. The Fliegl In-Cab ISOBUS connector is suitable for retrofitting and an important component of the ISOBUS retrofit kit.

The  Fliegl three- pole plug connector and the  Fliegl  signal  connector are also stronger than any comparable connectors and being frequently plugged and unplugged cannot wear them down.

Anyone who has ever retrofitted an In-Cab solution knows how frustrating connectors of inferior quality can be. The new Fliegl connectors put an end to that. These plugs for agricultural use are as robust as you could ever wish for.