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Roll-Off Dumper with Hook-lift:

Advantages: With just one hooklift chassis many containers, including the original roll-off container from Fliegl and also voluminous liquid manure tanks can be transported – saving time and money
Above all the vehicle is suitable for work which involves filling containers that need to be stationary.

Technical Data

Model HKL 22 HKL 29
Max. total weight app. kg 20000 29000
Max. tongue load app. kg 2000 2000
Net weight depending on equipment app. kg 5840 6900
Lifting power app. kg 21000 27000
Container length app. mm 5000-7000 5600-7500
Height of rollerst with 385/65-22.5 RE tyres app. mm 1160 1260
Tipping angle Grad 52 46
Track width depending on tyres app. mm 2050/2150 2050/2150
Tyres 385/65-22.5 RE 385/65-22.5 RE
Required oil charge app. ltr. 28 own board hydraulics
Hydr. container locking inside + outside Standard equipment Standard equipment

On request: Roll-off monocoque with/without hydraulic tailgate

Technical Details

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