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Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards

Fliegl Tracker remains at the forefront

Fliegl Tracker has won the Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards 2016. The award ceremony took place today in Las Vegas. In the round of the last 18, the Tracker set himself first of all as the winner of its product category and finally as the winner of the Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards OVERALL WINNER 2016.

“Of course we are happy and proud of such outstanding success” says Franz Höpfinger, development manager at Fliegl Agrartechnik. “Being the world’s number 1,out of more than 300 submitted Bluetooth innovations that received an award, represents a great recognition for the research work that is done at Fliegl. At the same time, receiving such award motivates us to continue to be actively involved in the technological future”.

The Tracker is Fliegl’s beacon-based vehicle detection system. Mounted on combine harvesters and trucks (for road transportation), Fliegl beacons allow to clearly identify each harvesting vehicle while a transfer vehicle functions as the intermediate node. Equipped with the Fliegl Weighing System FWS, the transfer vehicle can detect - via communication between beacon and antenna- from which combine harvester it is loaded and in turn which truck it is loading on. So far, this association has not been legally reliable and has not been able to be sufficiently documented. Fliegl Tracker fills the gap. With this innovation, the grain’s path from the field to the warehouse can be fully traced.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) was founded in 1998. As owner of the Bluetooth® trademark, the group monitors the development of Bluetooth Standards and promotes them worldwide. The Bluetooth SIG publishes Bluetooth specifications, manages the qualification programme, protects Bluetooth marks and drives forward the diffusion of wireless technology.

The community of Interest counts over 28000 member companies – among them, world market leaders in telecommunications, computing, consumer electronics, automotive industry, industry automation. Every year, Bluetooth SIG presents Breakthrough Awards in the product, application and prototype categories. There were a great number of applications and a strong competition as far as the awards of 2016 are concerned. In the final there were smart kitchen applications as well as sales terminals.

The great variety of contributions reflects the numerous possibilities Bluetooth technology has to offer as far as digital innovations and the Internet of Things are concerned.

In March 2016, Fliegl Agrartechnik will present the 2016 Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards OVERALL WINNER at the Bluetooth World Event at the Levi's® Stadium in Santa Clara, California.
The trade fair will present the new Bluetooth trends and technologies for the Internet of things.

Fliegl Tracker – The advantages at a glance:

  • Fliegl Tracker is a non-manual system: manual work has been eliminated. The driver is not burdened with extra work.
  • Fliegl Tracker is not prone to errors: errors caused by manual input do not exist and thus do not have to be corrected elaborately.
  • Fliegl Tracker is based on simple technology: by using beacons, Fliegl consciously focuses on a technically straightforward system. Beacons are simple, highly reliable transmitters.
  • Fliegl Tracker is manufacturer-independent: Beacons are suitable for every vehicle, no matter how old it is, no matter the manufacturer. Fleets of different manufacturers can easily be upgraded.
  • Fliegl Tracker is easy to install: beacons are small, lightweight, waterproof, battery-operated and independent of onboard electronics and power supply (voltage).
  • Fliegl Tracker requires very little maintenance: except for the battery change, which the beacon user can perform himself, beacons require no maintenance and therefore entail no maintenance costs.
  • Fliegl Tracker increases safety in the harvesting process: for each truck equipped with beacons a record can be created in the job computer that associates its respective load capacity. The loading process can then be automatically carried out from the FWS transfer vehicle: only exact amounts are loaded and no truck is overloaded anymore.
  • Fliegl Tracker is cost-effective: beacons are indeed affordable at a price of around 25 Euro per item. A complete harvesting fleet can be upgraded at low cost.

Fliegl Tracker was awarded a silver medal by the German Agricultural Society (DLG) at the Agritechnica trade fair 2015. All information on Fliegl Tracker is available under:

  About Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

Bluetooth is the worldwide wireless radio standard that allows simple and secure connections on appliances for a constantly increasing range. It serves as the backbone for the networked world. With the trademark Bluetooth Smart Ready and Bluetooth Smart, the used devices offer new application possibilities in mobile telephony, consumer electronics, PCs, automotive industry, health and fitness initiatives as well as smart solutions for home – on an updatable platform which involves low energy consumption. With over three billion devices sold annually, Bluetooth is the chosen technology for developers, product manufacturers and consumers worldwide. Supported by industry leading companies, Bluetooth SIG facilitates cooperation between more than 28.000 member companies in order to drive forward radio technology. More information is available under:

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