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Technical Training explains ISOBUS in a fast and comprehensible way

Fliegl offers its dealers new AEF training

Fliegl now introduces its dealers even better into the world of ISOBUS. An extended range of training modules is now available.

Since 2018, Fliegl dealers have been able to take part in three different training sessions of the Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF) and get a simple, fast and effective introduction to ISOBUS, the Database and CheckTool. The video training modules are web-based, conveying knowledge in just 15 minutes each - and they are completely free of charge for Fliegl dealers.

The technical training of the AEF is new. It conveys all important contents about ISOBUS, ISOBUS connection elements, AEF Functionalities Concept, CAN BUS, ISOBUS Database, CheckTool and ticket system. The technical training is a bit more extensive than the three previous web trainings and available offline as a PowerPoint as well as a PDF version.

The technical training answers questions such as:

  • What is ISOBUS?
  • Which ISOBUS hardware components are available? How are the terminal, in cab connector, plug connector etc. coupled and installed? How can ISOBUS be retrofitted?
  • Which AEF functionalities are currently available? What does downward compatibility mean? How does UT (Universal Terminal) work? What are the advantages of TECU (Tractor Electronic Control Unit)?
  • Which Task Controller Functionalities are there?
  • How does a CAN bus work? What are the differences between an active and passive regulated system?
  • How do dealers register on the ISOBUS Database? How is a Conformance Test performed?
  • How and for what purpose is the CheckTool used?
  • How is the ticket system used for troubleshooting?

In the AEF Technical Training, all content is explained in a simple, compact and understandable way. Pictures, graphics and practical examples make the training vivid. The module is available in German and English.

Fliegl is pleased to offer its dealers the opportunity to participate in the online and offline trainings of the AEF free of charge. You should take full advantage of the opportunity to obtain effective information on the current state of AEF developments. The training sessions are short but intense and offer advanced knowledge, especially for employees in customer service, support, service and sales.

Become the competent partner for your customers for ISOBUS compatibility issues and be able to fully apply your ISOBUS know-how! Register now for the new AEF Technical Training by e-mail to .