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The new lightness in Pushing Off

Fliegl introduces the ASW ALU-TEC

Fliegl Agrartechnik equips its patented Push-Off technology for the future. Following the introduction of the Aluminum-Push-Off-Semitrailer (ASS) in autumn 2013, the aluminum version of the proven Push-Off trailer (ASW) is now placed on the market. The four vehicle types of the new model series have one thing in common: a remarkably lower dead weight and thus a substantial increase in pay load.

Basis of the ASW ALU-TEC is a well-grounded vehicle concept, coherent down to the detail. Not only the new aluminum body contributes to the weight optimization but also the innovative frame construction of high-strength fine-grained steel.  Both are connected over a special frame and body construction and integrated into one another. This construction method guarantees highest stability with lowest weight at the same time.

Due to the light construction of the Push-Off trailer also the towing vehicle gets by with substantially less own weight and engine power. A 250 HP tractor is quite sufficient to work a field without problems, additional tractor weight is no longer required. For the customer this implies a remarkable saving potential in fuel and wear costs. A train consisting of ASW 381 ALU-TEC and a tractor saves – compared to the steel version – in empty weight a total of around 6 tons (ASW minus 3.5 tons, tractor minus 2.5 tons). Thereby the payload of the train is increased from a previous 17500 kg to 23500 kg, the transport volume from 40 to 45 cbm. The capacity utilization of the vehicles is increased and the maximal admissible load for road transport, of 40 tons total weight is used at its best. Fliegl ALU-TEC allows for 34% more load.

Another valuable aspect of the ASW ALU-TEC is the perfect match between the unit pulling and the one being pulled, due to its variable axle shift, of which the mechanical version is standard and the continuous hydraulic version is available as an option. No matter, whether with the tandem or the tridem variation – the coupling load can be optimally adjusted to the load and the conditions of use, by flexible positioning of the axles. On the field and in difficult terrain the axles at the rear of the ASW offer the best possible traction at the tractor. Up to 4 tons of weight are thus transferred to the tractor to relieve the trailer. For the use on the road the axles are moved towards the front, to decrease the support load. Driving comfort is improved, wear and tear of the vehicle are substantially reduced.

Fliegl offers the ASW ALU-TEC in two tandem- (271 ALU-TEC, 281 ALU-TEC) and three tridem-versions (381 ALU-TEC, 391 ALU-TEC). The proper weight of the trailer varies between 5200 and 7100 – depending on the equipment. Width of the body and height of the side are uniformly between 2300 resp 2000 mm. The body length varies between 7100 and 9100 mm.

Whoever changes over to the Fliegl ALU-TEC, places his bet on more agricultural efficiency, a plus in economy and a continuous optimization of his competitiveness.
The novelties in ASW trailers and semi-trailers combine trend-setting light construction with the proven and patented Fliegl Push-Off technology for the agriculture of the 21st century.