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Fliegl honors anniversaries

During the annual Christmas party on December 2nd, 2017, the employees celebrating a long employment with the company were honored by Fliegl. Angelika Fliegl, Managing Director of Fliegl Agro-Center GmbH in Kastl, and Josef Fliegl jun., Managing Director of Fliegl Agrartechnik GmbH thanked the employees for their loyalty and reliable cooperation and presented them with a small gift to say “thank you”.

The jubilarians:

10 years: Andreas Klein, Daniela Maier, Andreas Metzl-Drexler, Jochen Schlachta, Rick Witzig, Waldemar Fenzel, Grigorij Golovin-Nenstel, Nikolai Klein, Simon Lehmann, Karl-Heinz Lutz, Andreas Nenstel, Alexander Wolf, Sebastian Starflinger, Siegfried Lehner and Oleg Ott.
15 years: Markus Langlechner, Alexander Schutov, Peter Hüttl, Sergej Iwlew and Sergej Ott
20 years: Friedrich Fitler and Ludwig Lehmann
25 years: Rosa Wimmer