Body | DK 180 MAXUM

Structural equipmentStandardOptional
Bridge: 5050 mm x 2420 mm, plug-in corner stanchions, all-round rubber seal with special profile, all-steel floor, bridge frame made of high-quality steel profiles in welded structure, torsion-resistant and stable, painted nova greyX 
Basic tailgate 5050 mm x 2420 mm x 800 mm, central locking right, left and rear, tensioning strap, tensioning chain, steel tailgates (sandblasted, primed and powder-coated light green)X 
first body 600 mm with tensioning chain-hookX 
first body 800 mm with tensioning chain-hook O
Corn hatch rear 420 mm x 250 mmX 
Corn hatch rear 500 mm x 350 mm O
Tarp frame consisting of:/ - 2 layout spikes front and rear / tarp tube and hooks, rolling PVC tarp and landing O
Pipe outlet with spout, removable O
Removable discharge chute O
Tailgate chains with storage box O
Bracket for tailgate folding O
Bridge support (secures the bridge during maintenance work) O
Tailgate support right and left, extendible O
Tensioning chain O
Tailgate stabiliser, adjustable (tensioning strap) O
2 layout spikes O
Platform O
Potato/beet slide on each side O
Hydraulic central locking opening; can be positioned on either side O