Structure | DDK 310 / 8200 mm

Equipment structureseriesOptional
Bridge 8200 mm x 2320 mm, plug-in corner stanchions and central stanchions, circumferential rubber seal guided in a special profile, all-steel floor, painted nova grayX 
Basic drop side 800 mm, central locking right, left and. rear, steel side walls (sandblasted, primed and powder-coated light green)X 
Rear grain slide 420 mm x 250 mmX 
Rear grain slide 500 mm x 350 mmX 
first set-up 600 mm O
first construction 800 mm O
Roll-off tarpaulin with platform O
Drop side tension springs at the front and rear O
Removable pipe outlet with outlet nozzle O
Removable discharge slide O
Fold down bracket for drop side O
Body tips, front and back O
Potato / beet slide on the left O
Potato / beet slide on the right O
Hydraulic central locking opening on the side, reversible O
Bridge support (securing the bridge during maintenance work) O