Chassis | EDK 25

1-axle chassisX 
permissible total weight 2850 kg (corresponds to 2500 kg axle load plus 350 kg drawbar load)X 
Coupling height approx. 620 mmX 
Hollow section frame, galvanised - unsprungX 
Without brakeX 
Overrun brake, Rückmatik O
Parking brake O
2-circuit compressed air with manual control O
Hydraulic single-line brake without load adaptation valve, with flat-sealing sleeve, for export only O
Hydraulic single-line brake with load adaptation valve and flat-sealing sleeve, for export only O
DIN drawbar eye 40 (Ø 40 mm)X 
Heavy-duty support wheel, foldingX 
25 km / h version Germany with TÜV data sheet for la-fo ZGM.X 
25 km / h export version O
30 km / h version with EC type approval and COC papers (including underrun protection) O
3-stage tipping cylinder, 900 mm stroke, limit switchX