Equipment | TMK 269 Fox

Equipment frame/axlesStandardOptional
Tandem dump truck (TMK 269)X 
Permitted total weight 20,000 kg, drawbar load 2,000 kgX 
Permitted total weight 21000 kg, drawbar load 3000 kg up to 40 km/h, note the permitted drawbar load of the tractor vehicle O
Permitted total weight 22,000 kg, drawbar load 4000 kg up to 40 km/h, note permitted drawbar load of the tractor (possible only with ball head) O
permitted total weight 23000 kg / with 3000 kg drawbar load for export (axle spacing up to 1540 mm) O
Permitted total weight 24000 kg / with 4000 kg drawbar load up to 40 km/h, please note permitted drawbar load of the tractor (axle spacing over 1800 mm) only to be recommended with steer axle O
permitted total weight 23000 kg / with 3000 kg drawbar load for export (axle spacing up to 1540 mm) O
Profi frame, galvanised X 
Parabolic suspension, Gigant assembly X 
Parabolic suspension, Gigant Plus assembly O
Hydraulically sprung draw gear, swivelling for upper/bottom hitch, easily adjustable coupling height to suit different requirementsX 
DIN drawbar eye 40 (Ø 40 mm)X 
Ball head K80 (Ø 80 mm) O
Piton-Fix (for export only) O
Swivelling drawbar eye 50 mm (Ø 50 mm) for export only O
Axle version 410 x 120, brake drums BPWX 
Axle version 410 x 180, brake drums BPW O
2 brake axles, front rigid, rear steered, hydraulic locking, up to 60 km/h (1 single-acting control unit required)X 
Forced steering: 2 brake axles, rigid front, steered rear, track width 2050 mm or 2150 mm, the forced steering on the towing vehicle must be set by the customer, only possible with bottom hitching, limited steering angle on the towing vehicle K50 O
2-circuit compressed air with ALBX 
Hydraulic single-line brake without load adaptation valve, with flat-sealing sleeve, for export only O
Hydraulic single-line brake with load adaptation valve and flat-sealing sleeve, for export only O
40 km/h version with EC type approval and COC papersX 
Supporting stand (PH)X 
Hydraulic supporting foot (PH) O
Tipping cylinder, 2990 strokeX 
Patch coupling O
Rear trailer coupling, automatic O
Brake connection for 2nd Trailer / 2-circuit compressed air O
Hydraulics for 2nd trailer O
Brake connection for 2nd trailer / hydraulic brake O
Body/rear panel equipmentStandardOptional
Trough 6900 mm (total length with bulkhead bevel and 300 mm rear panel) x 2320/2220 mm x 1750 mm (tapered), all-steel trough primed with 2-component coating light green, with front inspection window, tensioning chainX 
Trough top piece 500 mm (not grain-tight) O
Trough top piece 500 mm side folding (not grain-tight) O
Hydraulic high-capacity rear panel, 300 mm, with grain slide 400 mm x 230 mmX 
Tarp frame with rolling tarp and landing (possible only without body) O
Pipe outlet with spout, removable O
Removable discharge chute O
Bridge support (secures the bridge during maintenance work) O
Fall breaker for potatoes  O
Front grating mechanical folding (possible only for body) O
Front grille can be folded down hydraulically (only possible when set up) O
SpeedCover rolling net: for load securing, can be operated hydraulically O
Potato / beet chute at rear O
Equipment lighting / safetyStandardOptional
LED lighting 12 V 7-pin connector (MK)X
Side marker lights right and left (yellow) (MK) O
Contour lights (rear white_red) (MK) O
Spot lights front, white (MK) O
Reversing camera O
Monitoring camera O
Tyres 650/55-R26.5 radial X 
Tyres 710/50-R26.5  O
Tyres 750/45-R26.5  O